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The Principality of Zugesbucht and Congregatio Cat
Angel Goddess Ministry
An affiliate of the Universal Life Church with a focus on its adopted New Age philosophies. Also an interest in prison ministries.
Fellowship Internet Christian Church
An internet based Christian church who offers many services online as well as in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro area.
Grace Univeral Life Church
This organization believes only in that which is RIGHT. Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is RIGHT for her/himself - as long as it does not infringe on the RIGHTS of others. -- This site has ULC services and materials cheaper than the ULC site itself.
International Council of ULC Ministers
Group to promote the ULC and help ministers.
Officiating Weddings
Wedding Officiate details and requirements, by state, for Universal Life Church and other non-denominational ministers.
PanZen Ministry, Universal Life Church
an ecumenical ministry encouraging meditation, prayer and deep self-examination as means toward spiritual growth. Rev. Dr. Anthony Baldwin aka RevAutumnWolf
Pastor Jack J. Stahl, D.D.
JACK J. STAHL, Pastor of the Progressive Universal Life Church, has this personal page which will give added insight into the PULC and its purpose, also his devotion to Tom Jones and his music.
Progressive Universal Life Church
A spin-off of the ULC, the PULC offers very similar services.
Rational Universal Church
A religion for Rationalist Freethinkers, based on the Universal Life Church.
The Church of Ju-Jitsu Janissaries of Saturday Sai
A small church under the umbrella of the Universal Life Church which is devoted to daydreaming, sunbathing and the 6 day weekend.
The Church of Mithra
Created by a ULC Priest, the site is devoted to the revival of Mithraism (albeit, in a new form).
The Church of the Good Life
A place for Christians and Pagans to come together. A radical Christian church in Florida accepting all belief systems and sexual orientations.
The ULC Christian Evangelist
A site maintained by "Rev. Enigma" and promoting Christianity in and through the Universal Life Church.
The Universal Life Church Yahoo! Group
This is an online forum for ULC ministers to help and support each other, discuss their different beliefs, their ministries and their personal spiritual progress.
ULC Online
Information on ordination in the Universal Life Church. Certificates, courses, degrees and books available. Online reference materials.
ULC Seminary
Universal Life Church Seminary offers free ordination, seminary training, ministerial supplies for weddings, funerals and more. Free training.
Universal Life Church
Official site. Church will ordain anyone without question of faith, for life, without a fee. The church has two tenets: freedom of religion and to do that which is right.
Universal Life Church Minister's Association
The Universal Life Church Minister's Association provides resources to facilitate communication and fellowship between all ULC ministers.
Universal Life Church of Michigan
Offers wedding, funeral, baptismal, and other church services including counciling.
Universal Life Church of the New Age
Syncretic Church, this site has notes on the different religious traditions on which it is based. It has discussions on topical issues of the metaphysical and spirituality.
Universal Life Church WebRing
Collection of sites focusing on and about the ULC.
Universal Ministries - A Universal Church Online
Become ordained online for free. You can now perform weddings.
Universal Natural Life Church
A Houston, Texas, church similar to ULC. Message boards include separate discussions for UNLC members who consider themselves Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Wiccan.
Universal Path Ministry
Universal Life Church affiliate. Offering hypnotherapy, hypnosis and inspirational audio tapes, marriage ceremonies and renewal of faith.
Universist Movement
Universism is a religion of Reason, Nature, Hope, Freethought, and Rationalism.
Wedding/Funeral Service Info. for non-denomination
Wedding and funeral services and other ministry essentials for Universal Life Church and other non-denominational ministers. Spiritual Message also available.