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Hindu Origins
Patanjali, Classical Yoga Hindu Academy, Indian Yoga, Lectures by Swami Ramswarup, Meditation Practice of Patanjali
Aquarian Times Magazine, Ascent Magazine, Bindu, Clarity, The Online Yoga Magazine, Evolution Online, International Journal of Yoga Therapy, JOY: The Journal of Yoga, KYTA Bulletin, LA Yoga Magazine, Milwaukee Premier Yoga Magazine
Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Choosing a Yoga Style, Church of the East the Yoga of Jesus, Eight Kinds of Yoga, Erowid Spirit Vaults : Yoga, Suddha Dharma, Vaishnava Philosophy: Yoga, Yoga Paths, Yoga Paths to Health and Enlightenment, Yoga Styles, Yoga Styles
Personal Pages
Babaji, the Immortal Yogi, Channeling, Fyodor Safonov, Ian Robertson, Kundalini and Christianity, Michael Smith, Pablo Stafforini's Yoga Page, Pulaha, Swami Prem, Vincent J. Daczynski
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Spiritual Personalities
Gopi Krishna, Shri Gagangiri Maharaj, Yoga Masters, Contemporary Saints, Sages and Self-, Yogi Bhajan Home Page
Teachers and Centers
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India
A World of Yoga
Site by Ramakrishna Ananda (Graham Ledgerwood) provides overviews to many aspects of Yoga and its practice.
Advanced Yoga Practices
Lessons in the different aspects of Yoga.
All Headline News: Yoga
Yoga news and headlines from sources around the world.
Allexperts Yoga Q&A
People with varying amounts of yoga experience offer to answer questions about yoga.
American Yoga Association
Not-for-profit educational organization. Site includes information on the philosophy and techniques of yoga, classes, books and tapes for sale.
Ananda's Site
Thoughts on various aspects and branches of yoga, brief biographies of several spiritual leaders.
Anusara Yoga
A system based on Hatha Yoga founded by John Friend. Information on the Yoga, its philosophy, teachers, and centers.
Beliefnet: Yoga
Essays and articles about yoga.
Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley
Transcripts of eight one-hour lectures on the subject of Yoga, including theories, practices, and his experiences. Consists of two sections: Yoga for Yahoos and Yoga for Yellowbellies.
Ergo Yoga
Information on how Yoga can help with computer related health hazards such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, and computer vision syndrome.
Evolution of the Divine Living
An e-book based on the works of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf.
Focal Point Yoga
Yoga instructor provides information on yoga philosophy, styles, practices and life styles, practical advice on choosing a yoga teacher. Also provides Massachusetts class schedules, merchandise for sale, links to other sites.
Holisticonline: Yoga Infocenter
Information about yoga in an easy to understand format with recommendations for beginning practice.
International Yoga Dictionary
Contains 2800 basic terms and extensive articles. This Encyclopedia compilation is based on classical works on Yoga with entries in English, Russian, Bulgarian, German, and French.
Internet Yoga
A collection of articles, books, transcripts, and recordings about Yoga.
Introduction to Yoga
Overview of the history, origins, benefits and practice of Yoga. From the IndiaExpress newspaper.
Introduction to Yoga
Brief articles on Yoga, its definition and nature, school of thoughts, scientific method, and practice.
Laya Yoga
Laya Yoga is a practical art of meditation and contemplation based on the ancient knowledge relating to chakras (energy centres). Information on the concepts and practice.
Manoyoga: Somanatha Kshetram
Information on the system of Yoga developed by Sri Swami Somanatha Maharshi. Includes details of the centers in U.S.A
Nothing But Yoga
Brief information on the different Yoga styles.
One Stop Yoga Limited
UK Yoga resource offers advice on various yoga styles, UK events and teacher database and online ordering for yoga props.
Orlov Yoga
English translations of lectures by Vladimir Ivanovich Orlov on Yoga and religious mysticism.
Sahaja Yoga in Ukraine
Information about Sahaja yoga and location of the centers in Ukraine.
Samkhya Yoga
Features articles on Samkhya Yoga and related darsanas, translations, and excerpts from the online Encyclopedia of Yoga authored by Georg Feuerstein.
Satyananda Yoga
A system of yoga developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage, which incorporates practices derived from ancient and traditional sources.
So You Wanna Learn the Basics of Yoga
General information about the types of Yoga and the author's opinion on what Yoga is.
Suite101: Yoga
Articles, links and discussion.
The Heart of Yoga Association
Formed to help communicate the principles of yoga practice to a wider audience. Follow the school of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Information on Yoga, books, and teachers around the world.
The Seven Bodies
The seven levels of consciousness are described.
The Yoga Site
Online yoga resource center featuring a free teacher directory, posture information, Yoga therapy report, style guide, facts, retreats, books and links.
The Yoga Vasistha
Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's translation of Vasistha's Yoga.
Time: The Power Of Yoga
An article from Time magazine about Yoga in general.
Wellness for Body and Soul
Extensive reference site focuses on yoga philosophy (primarily Kriya), masters and practices. Also offers free yoga software, teacher directory, links to a wide range of resources, books and videos for sale.
Wisdom of Yoga
Information on all schools of Yoga and some of the teachers.
Yoga Age
Articles on Yoga and translations of Yoga sutras. Includes writings on Asanas, Kriyas and Pranayama.
Yoga Anand Ashram Online
Though some parts are unfinished, the site includes much information on Yoga philosophy, and the practice and benefits of postures, meditation and breathing.
Yoga Directory
A large yoga resource site with links to teachers, centers, organizations, books, music, therapists, health products, retreats, vacations, personals, and traditions.
Yoga for Beginners
Information for beginning Yoga practitioners including a list of books, tapes, and websites.
Yoga Forums
Forum for discussion about Yoga.
Yoga Information
Information on various aspects of Yoga.
Yoga Information
An outline of styles, benefits, and poses.
Yoga Movement
An exploration of yoga and related subjects such as breathing and meditation.
Yoga Online
Offers information on the practice of yoga. Includes free yoga video downloads and uses flash animation to show yoga moves.
Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC)
Reference includes many articles on the practice, history and philosophy of yoga, links to related sites.
Yoga Supersite on Holisticonline.com
Yoga reference covers branches and philosophy, health benefits, practices, beginner's guide.
Yoga Teaching Forum
A forum resource for students undertaking Yoga teachers training.
Yoga Vidya Dham: Nasik, India
A non profit organization imparting Yoga education to all sections of the society. Articles on Yoga and schedule of courses conducted.
Articles about Yoga and links to international and Australian Yoga teachers.
Introduction to Yoga history and practice (asanas and pranayama), downloadable music, teacher finder, products for sale.
Yoga resource provides general advice, brief articles, invites reader feedback.