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Evil Geniuses
Dr Thaddeus Ozone, E.G.O., Evil Genius Test, Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow, Evil Geniuses for a Different Tomorrow, Evil Magazine: Evil on a Budget, Evil Overlord, Inc., Hall of Evil Geniuses, Master Evil Genius
Anti-Social Primer
Series of tutorials designed to instruct the student on topics including sarcasm, prank phone skills, and writing scathing letters to the editor.
BS! (a.k.a Boarding School)
This site offers an insight into the anti-social aspect of life at boarding school. Revenge, lust, and homework. This student lets you in on the stuff no one should know...
Hate the Mainstream
Anti-establishment rhetoric, cynicism, criticisms, sarcasm, and nihilism against all medias and mediums.
Nihilists' Corner
Poking fun at just about everything, this site showcases some unusual media work, and offers a sardonic world view.
Show reviews, pentagirls, rants, and links.