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News and Media
BBspot, Forever Geek, Geek Austin, Geek News Central, Geek Scene News, GeekLife, Geekrights, hackinthebox, Kuro5hin.org, NerdByte.com
Geek Purity Test, Imelda's Nerd-Rating Test, Nerd Purity Test, Nerd test, The Hacker Test, The MIT Nerd Test, The Nerdity Test
A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
Humorous advice for the woman with a crush on a geek guy.
The Journal of Geek Culture. Cultural criticism, fiction, humor, art and random snarking. The quest to discover what geeks really are.
Geek Chic
A look at the Geek Lifestyle as fashion. Includes an entertaining collecting of essays on Geek Culture.
Geek Code
The official site. If you hadn't got sick of it you can still identify exactly what sort of geek you are and create your own Geek Code Block.
Geek Cruises
Tropical cruises with a Geek theme, such as Linux Lunacy and Java Jam. Price includes seminars by Geek Gods such as Eric Raymond and Randal Schwartz.
Geek Culture
A celebration of all that's geeky including geek love, geeky cartoons, geeky downloads, and geek erotica.
Geek Girl Humour
Cartoons illuminating the frustrations of a Geek Girl in a male dominated environment.
Geek Nation
Home of the Geek Nation radio show, which is broadcast on WAMC Public Radio.
Geek Speak Radio
The homepage for Geek Speak, a computer news and talk radio show on KUSP 88.9 FM.
A technology resource with purchasing advice, a glossary of technical terms, hardware and software reviews and detailed processor specifications.
The homepage for the Santa Cruz Geek social scene.
Geeks! Cartoon
Weekly cartoon of Silicon Valley life, work, relationships, and sex (or lack thereof) by Julie Sigwart
Geek History Through T-Shirts. Users contribute pictures of their shirts along with their histories. Fun and fascinating.
How to Manage Geeks
A witty and informative article that explains the right way to manage the Geek Gods in your company.
A social site helping to co-ordinate regional chapters. Offers mailing lists and articles.
Locker Central
Fan site to the homely school facility.
Nerd World
Technology related site with search facilities, Nerd of The Week, chat, discussions and a directory of hand-categorized sites. "Your source for nerdly culture."
Nerds, Outcast and Misfit Resources
Aimed at teens who feel like misfits in school, support is offered to help them cope and develop their own sense of geek pride.
Tips and reference material for NetworkGeeks.
Peer 2 Peer Personals
Dating for geeks from the User Friendly people. Meet like minded individuals for correspondence.
Personal Growth Geek Code
Based on original Geek Code, but for a different kind of geek.
Planet of the Geeks
A Star Trek drinking game, TrueSpace tutorial, a Windows freeware game and some geek toy construction tips.
Public Toilet
Polls, music and programming, site allows user customisation and offers downloads including a complete HTTP server.
Tales of Slacker Bonding
A Generation-X community, seeking hipsters and neo-geeks looking to make love last, as they get serious about careers and settling down.
The Dork Club
The official site of The Dork Club.
The Geek Code Decoder Page
This page allows you to enter a geek code to decode it. It works with Geek Code Version 3.12.
The Guy's Guide to Geek Girls
How to find, attract, converse, and maintain the illusive Geek Girl.
The Urban Geekosphere
Dedicated to a comprehensive study of all geek culture. Lexicon. places of note, humor, and some event listings.
ThinkGeek Merchandise
Purchase geek related items such as T-shirts and mugs. The product line is constantly updated, a great store "for the smart masses".