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Cocktail Renaissance
An academic paper examining the re-emergence of lounge culture and the cocktail way of life.
Eve Music Store's Cocktail Page
A source of images, links and information regarding the sixties and lounge culture.
Java's Swinging Bachelor Pad
A celebration of classic bachelor culture, with featured reads, laughs, and an audio stream of cocktail, lounge and swing music.
Lotta Living
Information on mid century modern inspired living, including modernism, the postwar period and 20th Century kitsch popular culture.
Mondo Lounge: Where Cocktail Cultures Collide
Retro pop culture event featuring car rally, swing dancing, live Las Vegas entertainment, vintage vendors and educational conference presentations.
Mr. Suave's Swingin' Cocktail Lounge
A suave, swanky, virtual cocktail lounge for groovin' to jazz, pop, exotica and rock music.
Paper Lantern Trading Co.
Celebrating lounge-era culture with related CDs, books, collectibles, home decor and gifts. Specialties include Ultra Lounge, the Rat Pack and Hawaiiana.
Serve Chilled
An alternative to the hustle and bustle of the net, includes images of relaxing landscapes, words of wisdom, and lounge music.
Smoking Redhead Club
A virtual cocktail lounge where you can dig some crazy albums, including exotica, mellow cocktail music and jazz.
The Atomic Lounge Show
A tribute to vintage Vegas lounge acts and headliners, from Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Tony Orlando and others. Featuring husband and wife duo Johnny and Gin Atomic.
The Daddy-os and the Swingers
Elizabeth Weaver Engel's primer about swing and lounge culture from Mindjack Magazine.
The Dead Lounge
A cocktail of gothic and lounge culture. Sit back, enjoy the kitsch, and find some recipes for classic and specialty cocktails.
The Fabulous Bud E. Luv
Allows you to do all of the same things that you'd do in any Vegas lounge. You can buy drinks, listen to music, and shop for Bud E. Luv Show merchandise.
The Lounge Ring
Web sites related to Ultra-lounge, cocktail, easy listening, space age pop, bachelor pad, jazz, original sixties soundtracks, and exotica music and culture.
The Roots of Lounge
Home for Hepcats. Site offers a history of lounge music and related links.
The Swank Pad
1950's retro, including american homes, Speigel's fashions, signs, architecture, and music.
Tommy White Tie
New York lounge and cocktail culture. Includes historical photos, virtual lounge, merchandise and information on local news and events.
Vik's Lounge
A source of information about lounge culture and easy listening music.
World of T.I.L.E.
A celebration of the intrigue and glamour of the Jet Age.