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An Introduction to Trainspotting
Humorous, ironic guide, describing train spotting culture, use of data books, collection of numbers for obscure rolling stock, gaining entry to depots, and railway journalism.
Anorak, a Term of Abuse
Defines and derivates anorak and trainspotting.
Basher Speak
Glossary of trainspotters' words and phrases.
BBC News: Plane-spotters knew the risks
Discusses different views of plane spotters in Britain and Greece, following the arrest of a group of spotters on charges of spying. By Angelos Stangos.
Going Native
Describes trainspotter stereotypes, use of the term as an insult, and how spotting culture has changed over time.
Guardian Unlimited: Notes and Queries
Discusses the meaning and derivation of the term anorak as applied to a person.
Guardian Unlimited: Ooh - Is that a Belgian F-16
Examines the reasons why people plane spot and how it reflects underlying British eccentricity. By Stephen Moss.
How to Tell Apart a Trainspotter's Top 10 fro
Humorous list of differences between music trainspotters and normal Disc Jockeys.
Memories of a Train Spotting Lady
Personal history of becoming a trainspotter, with poetic opus.
The Joys of Birdwatching
Defines and considers the appeal of birdwatching and twitching.
The Savvy Traveller: Trainspotting
Martin Stott's interviews with train spotters and railway enthusiasts in York. Text and audio.
Describes the appearance, behavior, and interests of British trainspotters, with glossary of terms.
Personal view of reasons for a change in opinion towards trainspotting.
Twitching - Birders, Rarities and Ethics
Contains classification of groups of birders and birder ethics.
What is Aircraft Spotting
Contains history, different areas of interest, and personal experiences.