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BBC h2g2: Straight Edge Philosophy
An article on the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy explaining what the straight edge lifestyle is and how it came about.
Calder's Straightedge Homepage
A site full of straightedge stuff, ramblings and music.
Grrrls With X's On Their Hands
Community geared to females providing a platform of support. Profiles, message boards, interviews, merchandise, and free email.
Kids With an Edge
Article and interview by Simon Fraser University's newspaper.
Need for Retaliation X Straight-Edge X
Online community described as a mostly youth movement. Images, definition, lyrics, membership, and links to member pages.
A online community for people who live the straight edge life.
Straight Edge .com
Internet community geared toward the SxE lifestyle offering message boards, java chat room, and profiles.
Straight Edge : Why I Made the Positive Choice
Testimony giving reasons the author chose the SxE lifestyle.
Straight Edge Life
An online journal of the ordinary life of a straight-edge man in America. Includes book, movie, software and music reviews. Fun quotes.
Straight Edge on 20/20
Transcript of a 20/20 segment on the movement.
Straight Edge Online
Offers thought-provoking comments on the clean life. Includes message boards, free email and articles.
Straight Edge Tattoos
Gallery of Straight-edge tattoos.
Straight-Edge .com
Features information on the lifestyle including hardcore, shows, reviews, message board, and links.
alt.punk.straight-edge FAQ.
sXe Straight Edge Tribe
Online community with discussion boards. Anti: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, meat, dairy, casual sex. Pro: punk/ hardcore, animal rights, keeping your body free of poison.
Message board and website dedicated to the straight edge lifestyle.
The sXe Community's Journal
The sXe community on LiveJournal.
To Be Straight-Edge
Promotes veganism/animal liberation, SxE beliefs, and hardcore music.
Essays and discussion regarding medicine, drugs, sexuality, food, and work.
Vegan-Straightedge Mailing List
Run by a Toronto writer. Postings remain entirely uncensored.
X Sisterhood X.com
Group promoting girls in hardcore and straightedge through message boards, artwork, articles, reviews, definitions, photography, contests, and community.
Xstraight edge over 25X
Straight edge group for those 25 years of age and up.
Yahoo Groups: sXe
To get together and discuss living the sXe lifestyle.
Yahoo Groups: sXe_freaks
For anyone to talk, post poems or stories. Straight edgers mainly but anyone is welcome.