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Siblings Of Children With Autism and Related Disor
Survivor Supporters, I Sang Holy, Holy, Pregnant by Rape Information and Support, Staying Strong
Ritual Abuse
Butterflies, DID/SRA Survivors, From the Inside Out, MTC Online Forums, Pro-Survivor News, Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies Newsletter, Ritual Abuse Free, Society Support, Stephanie's Safe Haven, Sunshine Through The Rain
Sexual Abuse
Chats and Forums, Men, Supporters, Survivors, Abuse and Incest Support, Abused Empowered Survivor Thrive, AdvocateWeb, Alt.Sexual.Abuse.Recovery, Central Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, Child Abuse, Crushed Roses, David Baldwin's Trauma Information, Pandora's Box, Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work
Twelve Step
Chats and Forums, Religious Orientation, 12 Step Program Directory for LA, 12 Step Radio Online Recovery Music, 12 Step Recovery @ Bella Online, 12 Step Resources, 12 Steps to Serenity, Anonymous One, Bodhi's Buddhist Non Theistic 12 Steps, Clutterers Anonymous, DAFFY - Professional Artists Anonymous, Dual Recovery Anonymous
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A Common Bond - San Francisco Chapter
Support group for gay and lesbian former Jehovah's Witnesses.
Ageless Love
Online community providing age-gap relationship support.
All Things British
Various services for British expatriates.
Broken Spirits Network
Aids current victims and survivors of child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence. Forums, resources, and information about various forms of abuse.
Caulders Trucker Partners
Truck driver families/partners/spouse support site. Chat, games, bill help, email.
A non-profit based in Washington D.C. working to develop an international network of professionals addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, incest, and stalking.
Christian Recovery International
The NACR is dedicated to helping Christians recover from abuse, addiction and trauma.
Christians in Recovery
Comprehensive resource for people recovering from abuse, family dysfunction, relationships, and pornography.
Domestic Violence Support and Information
Christian-based support group for women and children who are victims or survivors of domestic violence.
Dual Diagnosis
Email support group for persons diagnosed with alcoholism / addictions and bipolar / deppression / anxiety.
Emotional Support on the Internet
Listing of online support groups.
Father Leo Online
Chatroom, message boards, and articles.
Forgiveness Web
Forgiveness in addiction and recovery; has message board, links to related articles and sites.
Fostered Abandoned Children Together
Information and materials for former foster children to form and conduct their own meetings.
Guild of Catholic Doctors
Offering support and advice on medical moral and ethical problems from a Catholic perspective.
HESHE Anonymous
Recovery from all forms of addiction and addictive behaviors, dependency and co-dependency.
Hope for Healing
Works to educate and give Christian support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence and their family and friends. Mailing list and chat.
If You Had Controlling Parents
Dedicated to education about and prevention of unhealthy parental control.
Learning Disabled Kids Support (India)
Library of information, chat and message boards for kids, and where help can be found in India.
Lifeline IWM
A non-profit provider of support and counselling services to the community.
Support and advice for people affected by violent crime both on the site and in a handbook.
Open Hearts Ministry
Support group for abused people which uses Christian approach to healing. Includes seminars, resources, local chapters and newsletter.
Orphaned Children Now Adults
A place to share feelings of loneliness without knowing ones own biological family.
Recovery Web
Recovery from addictions and alcoholism, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, codependency and abusive relationships.
Recovery With Father Leo Booth
Help for your self-esteem and enlightenment to pave the recovery road to empowerment, includes forums.
Self-Help Sourcebook
A searchable index of mental health and medical support groups.
Shattered Men
For physically and emotionally abused men; explore this together from a Biblical point of view.
Silent Tears, Inc.
Support group for the victims of partner domestic violence offering programs, chats and support.
SOS Self-Help Programs
Helps individuals to manage anxiety, anger, depression, and emotions by using cognitive therapy.
Survivors Of Spiritual Abuse
Poems, art, prose, self help, lists related links, web rings.
Terminal Wing-Ding Club, The
Supports aged and terminally ill members who wish to follow the example of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and others.
Support, discussion, resources and help groups for behavior disorders including self esteem, obsessive compulsive, and anxiety panic attacks.