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Footnotes: Pronouns
A transgendered person examines several systems of gender-free pronouns. Possibilities include the singular "they", the phrase "he or she", and the Spivak Varient.
Gender Exclusive Language
Learn six strategies to avoid using gender-specific pronouns.
Gender Fair Language
Jenny Redfern discusses how to minimize sexist language while neither violating English grammar nor using gender-neutral pronouns.
Gender in Language
In light of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, this essay examines if gender-neutral language should be used to describe all people in male-dominated fields.
Gender-Neutral Pronoun Frequently Asked Questions
A comprehensive discussion of gender-neutral/gender-free pronouns in English over the centuries, such as 'sie', 'hir', 'ey', 'zie', singular their, and many others.
Some Notes on Gender-Neutral Language
Carolyn Jacobson, a Ph. D. candidate who studies Victorian English literature, provides this handout about the history of pronoun usage.
The History and Status of Singular Their (with Exa
A discussion of the traditional and established use of "they/their" as indefinite genderless pronouns by Jane Austen and other well-known authors.
Viewpoints from Involvement -- "Thon"
The history and usage of "thon" as a genderless pronoun derived from "that one" is described.