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A Bill of Gender Rights
Written by JoAnn Roberts in 1990, four points listed.
Bay Area Transgender Lawyers' Association
Monitors and influences the California state legislature, local governments, and business organizations, on the issues and concerns of transgendered people.
Center for Gender Sanity
Transitions That Work is an L.A. based consulting service for transsexuals who plan to transition on the job. Also sponsors the Full Circle of Women gathering.
Christina Rosetti
The comparison of the campaigns of Reform Party Presidential Candidate and LGTBI Activist/Spiritual Lecturer, Christina Rosetti and that of the other Reform Party Candidate, Patrick Buchanan.
Debra Davis and the Gender Education Center
Transgender resources and information. Ms. Davis is a transgender High School librarian who transitioned on her job in 1998. Gender Education Center is a Minnesota non-profit organization of differently gendered people dedicated to support, advocacy and education.
Fighting Bigoted Journalism
A well-articulated objection to Dea Birkett's article slamming the rights of transsexuals to gender reassignment surgery. Includes rules and tips for non-trans journalists.
Gender Education & Advocacy
The web site of Gender Education and Advocacy, providing resources and activism for the transgender community. "The organization for gender variant people for the new millennium." Divisions include "It's Time, America," AEGIS, and the Remembering Our Dead project.
Gender Patriots
Article by gay columnist argues that gays are not part of a broad transgender movement. He's a man, and proud of it.
A not-for-profit organization, composed of individuals and groups, dedicated to a broad-based, inclusive national movement for "gender, affectional, and racial equality."
Advocacy and education to revise "gender identity disorder" as defined by the DSM.
HRC-Watch The Subversion of the American Transgen
Why TG activists are enraged with the Human Rights Campaign. (site not updated in past year.
In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Par
Interview with transgender activist and Korean adoptee, Pauline Park, about racism and transgender issues.
International Foundation for Gender Education, The
IFGE is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity, and an excellent source of transgender news and information.
Lambda Letters Project
Helping members and friends affect public policy in areas of concern to the communities of HIV/aids, l/g/b/t, women and people of color.
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
Boston and Boston-area residents working to eradicate discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
Activism, legislative lobbying, news and education
NCLR - Transgender Law Project
Transgender Law Project (TLP) creates legal advocacy for the San Francisco transgender community. TLP is co-sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Pride Law Fund.
Page of Rage
Page of Rage documents crimes against individuals whose gender expression differs from social expectations. Not updated in past year.
Phyllis Randolph Frye - Attorney at Law, Houston,
Legendary TG activist and attorney - her website.
QueerTheory: Trans 101
Issues facing the transgender community: internal unity, medical care, police interaction, law and civil rights, support resources in the Philadelphia area.
Remembering Our Dead - Transgendered
A website dedicated to preserving the memory of transgender individuals murdered by hate and killed by predjudice.
Story of Christie Lee Littleton
Texas woman whose marriage was invalidated and declared a man by the Texas Supreme Court. Also medical, legal and news links.
Survivor Project
Activism and educational outreach to address the needs of trans and intersex survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
The Boston Transexual Menace
Mail list and links: this group is affiliated with Lesbian Avengers
The Transgender Fund
Transgender Fund raises money to support education, research, and public awareness programs.
Education, advocacy and news. Linkage between altered sexual development and endocrine disrupting chemical pollution is current focus.
Transgender At Work
TAW provides resources for employers who want to adjust their company employment policies. Transgender at Work (TAW) focuses on voluntary cooperation between employers and employees.
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Information about the Transgender Day of Remembrance, held every November to draw attention to the problem of anti-transgender murder.
Transsexual Menace - Toronto
Transsexual and transgender information in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.
TRUE: TRansgenders United of Equality
San Francisco based organization that educates and advovacates to increase the rights of transgendered, transsexual, intersexed or those questioning their gender identity.
Why You Should Be An Activist Right Now
Personal story by Julianne Sarah Mayfaire telling us why, and how get involved.