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Fantasia Fair
Transgender educational week for MTFs, FTMs, and crossdressers. Features program book, daily schedule, prices, activities, registration, FAQs. Held annually in Provincetown, MA.
Gender and Genteelness: The Southern Comfort Trans
Article by David Steinberg about the largest conference in the US for transgendered and intersexed people.
Gendys International Gender Dysphoria Conference
Interdisciplinary event held in Manchester, England every other year. Features past conference reviews, list of speakers, and upcoming call for papers.
IFGE Convention and Trans Youth Conference
Annual event sponsored by the International Foundation for Gender Education. Features presenters, registration, hotel information, scholarships, photos. Held in Philadelphia, PA.
National Conference on Gender
Annual conference run by GenderPac in DC, USA. Includes information on workshops, lodging, how to register, and archives of previous conferences.
Southern Comfort Conference
Yearly transgender event in Atlanta, Georgia.
Transforming Feminism Conference
Event exploring the intersections between the transgender and feminist movements hosted at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Includes information on registration and proposals. New Paltz, New York, United States.
Transgender Care Conference
For medical professionals, about care of transgendered people. Includes academic articles that were presented.
True Spirit Conference
Annual conference for butches, FTMs, masculine women and their friends and allies in Washington, DC, USA. Includes information on programming, entertainment, the hotel, and how to register.