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A Family Transgender Affair
A transgendered son's feeling abouyt breaking the news to his mother, and her reaction.
A Parent's Dilemma
Advice for parents who have just discovered that their child is transgendered.
About Our Transgendered Children
P-FLAG booklet online
An Open Letter To the Parents of Transsexual Child
Discusses the confusion, embarrassment and fear that both parent and child face.
Gay, Transgendered, or Both?
A P-FLAG brochure. "What is the relationship between sexual orientation and gender identity? How does one determine if a child or teen is gay or transgendered? Do parents of gays need to understand transgender issues?"
Hermaphrodite Education & Listening Post
"HELP is a support group for parents, family, friends and persons affected by Sex Differentiation Disorders. It is a source of medical information, literature and personal experiences. The goal is to connect persons affected by these disorders, to educate the public and medical profession, and to offer emotional support and understanding to those facing the decisions involved with these disorders."
Hypospadias: A parent's guide to surgery
Good information for parents of intersexed children with hypospadias.
A book about a mother's daughter, and all the things went through to get her to be the happy girl she is today. Includes discussion area, excerpts, and pictures.
Justin's Home page
Page dedicated to his family, and daughter who has Turner Syndrome, with information about the syndrome and its effects.
My daughter changed sex.
An account of an actual event -- how a "miracle" treatment transformed a girl who was a tragic misfit into a young man with hope of an almost normal life.
My Son, My Daughter
The mixed feelings of a parent who had a son undergo an operation to become her daughter.