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Mailing Lists
BABOYZ, Delaware FTM, For the Men, FTM-SOFFA@Butch-Femme.com, FTM-UK, MNBoyz / TMen Email List, MTMInfo Dallas, NewMale@ eGroups, Not100M, TMen
Personal Pages
A Boy Named Jesse, A Life Story, Adventures of Riley Boiwonder, Alex's Page, Alex's Trans Revolution Page, Alex's Treehouse, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Altered Boi, Angel's Club, Another Transboy Page
The F to M Surgery Survey, Ties That Bind, Women Who Pee Standing
Resources and original writings reflecting the Butch-FTM gender identity.
FTM Alliance of Los Angeles
Resources, support and current events of interest to female-to-male (FTM) transgender men and genderqueers in the Los Angeles area.
FTM Australia
Non-profit peer contact and educational group run by and for FTMs, Transmen and all folk identified as female at birth who identify as male or masculine gender or those exploring these aspects of their gender and those who care about them.
FTM Gear
Clothing and Accessories for the Self-Made Man.
FTM Informational Network
Extensive site for Female to Male information, news, links and mail lists.
FTM International
Information and support for female-to-male transgendered and transsexual people.
FtMNOLA - Female to Male group in New Orleans, Lou
Offers support to all those have transitioned, who are in questioning, and their Soffas.
Hudson's FTM Resource Guide
A variety of topics of interest to FTMs and trans guys, including binding, packing, shaving, surgery, hormone therapy, and many other items of interest.
Michael Munson's Resources for FTMs+SOFFAs
Support, information, current events and links for FTMs+ and SOFFAs in the Midwest.
One Transman's site
Includes links, chat and message board.
StoneCowboy's Home on the Web
FTM resources of all sorts.
The Big TG Ranch
a SOFFA site for the trans community, maintained by the partner of a two spirit FTM. Information and support available for FTMs & MTFs and their partners.
Timothyz Farout World
This site contains transgender links, passing tips, webrings and personal information.
Information, education, transitioning tips, and personal journals aiding those who identify or are a SOFFA of a FtM or trangender male.
Trans-Warrior FTM Homepage
A site dedicated to providing education, information, and resources to the FTM and transgendered community.
TransMan's Information Project
I am hoping that this place will serve to provide information to other guys like me who never really knew where to look.
A repository for images of FTM gender reassignment surgery results. Transsexuals can upload pictures of their own surgical results, and search and sort through images other transmen have submitted.
troyham's page( S.T.A.G.'s Homepage)
This is a site that introduces a new FTM group and provides links to FTM resources.