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Bridge Markland
Bridge is a writer of erotic short stories, is an actress and a photo model. She is most famous for her transgender-performances (English and German bilingual site)
Diane Torr Site
Diane Torr, artist, curator, teacher, and drag performer in New York, USA
Drag King Dante DiFranco
Drag king Dante DiFranco's page including photos, biography, humour, drag king tips, and other useful bits of info.
Drag King Magazine
Online magazine with varied information on drag, transvestitism, transgender, and gender variance.
Holestar-Drag Goddess!
Artist-Photographer-Bitch. Holestar is an English Drag Goddess living and performing in and around Austria.
Kingsize Drag Kings
Toronto-based (Canada) drag king troupe
Drag King and queen Documentation, lists, links, photos, and resources.
Venus Boys
A film journey through a universe of female masculinity [bilingual English, German]