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Brockton MA Court Rules in Favor of Transgender St
Positive: A Massachusetts Superior Court ruled that a middle school may not prohibit a transgender student from expressing her gender identity even if that expression does not conform with the sex ascribed to her at birth.
Columbia High Court Restricts Intersex Genital Mut
Positive: two decisions restricting the ability of parents and doctors to operate on children born with atypical genitals. Press release in English, brief and opinion are in Spanish.
Couple fights for son, 6, they say is girl at hear
"A Westerville couple is fighting to regain custody of their 6-year-old boy, whom they said was taken by social workers because they let the child dress and act like he's a girl," a news story from the Columbus Dispatch.
Hernandez-Montiel v. Immigration and Naturalizatio
Positive: A U.S. federal court of appeals finds that a transgendered Mexican woman "had a well-founded fear of future persecution and was entitled to asylum and withholding of deportation."
Littleton v. Prange (1999)
Negative: Texas appellate court negates 7-year marriage of Christie Lee Littleton because she was born male-bodied. Site also contains documents related to the litigation.
Rosa v. Park West Bank (1st Cir., 2000)
Positive: a federal Court of Appeals found that federal sex discrimination laws applies to an individual who was discriminated against for cross-dressing, and suggested that Ulane is no longer good law.
Schwenk v. Hartford (9th Cir., 2000)
Positive: a federal Court of Appeals found that discrimination "because one fails to act in the way expected of a man or woman" may violate federal sex discrimination laws.