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Straight Spouse Network
Based in New Zealand. Includes membership, meeting and contact information, news, articles and a library.
AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) Support Grou
Worldwide. Includes medical information about Androgen Insensitivity, support group contacts, newsletters and personal accounts of people with AIS
AIS Support Group Australia
Australia based. Includes meeting, contact and legal information, a newsletter, and information on genetics, hormone therapy, fertility and presentation.
Beaumont Society
United Kingdom based. Includes meeting, membership and contact information; advice column, message boards, free email, magazine, chat room and guestbook. Significant other helpline, world transgendered news, and resources.
Beta Lambda
Based in Roanoke, Virginia. Exclusively for male heterosexual crossdressers. Includes meeting, membership and contact information, a list of other chapters, member stories, and articles.
Chi Delta Mu of Tri Ess
Based in New York City, New York. Serving heterosexual crossdressers, their spouses and SO's. Includes contact information, an events calendar, a library catalog and information on an online forum for the children of crossdressers.
Chicago Gender Society
Based in Chicago, Illinois. Includes, meeting, membership and contact information, and an events calendar.
Connecticut Outreach Society
Based in West Hartford, Connecticut. Includes meeting, membership, and contact information, a FAQ page, calendar of events, reading room, and information on their speakers bureau.
Dallas Fort Worth Tri-Ess Chapter
Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Heterosexual crossdresser organization. Includes meeting, membership, contact information and a calendar of events.
Edmonton Transgender Society
Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Meeting and contact information.
Emerald City
Based in Seattle, WA. Includes membership, contact and event information, articles and a guestbook.
Esprit Gala
Based in Port Angeles, WA. Esprit is a 1 week TG conference held in Port Angeles, WA. Educational classes for CDs, TS's, couples and S.O.s is a primary focus as well as having fun and meeting others.
Evolve Orlando
Web-based. Serves Orlando, Florida region. Includes Message boards, chat room, polls and a calendar.
Based in New Orleans, Louisiana. FTM - Includes meeting and contact information.
gemini gender group
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Includes meeting information and a monthly newsletter.
Gender Metaphor Transgender Support Group
Based in Ottawa, Ontario. Includes membership information, meeting information, couples discussion list,members only hotline and on-line support chat. Special emphasis on transitioning while married.
Gender Mosaic Transgender Support Group
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, serving Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. Includes membership, meeting and event information, member photos, a library, newsletter and Ottawa area resources.
Gulf Gender Alliance
Based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Includes contact and membership information, an event calendar and links to members sites.
Indy Boyz - for FTMs/SOFFAs in Indianapolis
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Includes meeting, membership contact information and a calendar of events.
Ingersoll Gender Center
Based in Seattle, Washington. Meeting schedules, contact information, calendar of events, ftm, mtf, soffa, information, articles, book catalog, and guestbook.
Based in the Cape Cod/Southeast Massachusetts area. Includes meeting, membership and contact information, a members page, newsletter and calendar of events.
Jackie lee Dale Transgender Group
Web-based. Includes an online forum and chat room. Membership is restricted to Transgender,TV,TS,CD & Lesbian individuals. No men are allowed, only females.
Kappa Beta Chapter of Tri-Ess
Based in Charlotte, NC. Tri-Ess (heterosexual crossdressers). Includes contact and membership information, a significant others forum, an open forum, a community calendar, and a members-only area.
Las Vegas Crossdresser Support Group
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tri-Ess (heterosexual crossdressers). Includes contact information, articles and a newsletter.
Metroplex CrossDressers Club
Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Includes meeting, membership and contact information, a newsletter, a program of events and friendly places to go in the Dallas/ft. Worth area.
Metropolitan North Transgender Alliance (MeNTA)
Based in White Plains, New York. Includes meeting schedule, event information, newsletter, membership and contact information.
Neutral Corner, The
Based in San Diego, California. Includes meeting, membership and contact information, an SO group, articles, and a library.
Northern Concord, The
Based in Manchester, UK. Includes membership and meeting information, a calendar of events, helpline information, a magazine, profiles of some members and articles.
NorthWest Gender Alliance
Based in Portland, Oregon. Includes meeting and contact information, activities and local resources.
NuttycaTS -Friends and Family
Web Based. Includes forums for the partners, friends and family of transsexual and transgendered people and forums for the transgendered.
Ottawa Ontario Transsexual Support
Based in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. Includes meeting, membership and contact information, a reading list and Ottawa area resources.
Panhandle Transgender Alliance (PANTRA)
Based in Tallahassee, Florida. Includes membership information, newsletters, local resources and a calendar of events.
Reality Resources
A support for former transsexuals and transvestites, and for those who want an alternative for SRS.
Renaissance Transgender Association
Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Includes monthly magazine, resource papers and publications, and information on membership, chapters and affiliates, forming a support group and their speakers bureau.
Rhode Island Gender Community
Based in Providence, Rhode Island. Includes meeting, contact, and legal information, an event calendar and a list of transgender friendly businesses and professionals in the area.
Sigma Mu of Tri-Ess
Based in Southern Missouri. Includes contact, meeting and membership information, faq page, local news and a S.O. area.
Southern Belle Society
Worldwide. Includes contact, membership and socials information, an SO page and beauty tips and glamour secrets page.
Southern Colorado IntraRegional Transgendered Soci
Based in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado. Includes meeting, event and contact information.
St. Louis Gender Foundation
Based in St. Louis, Missouri. Includes membership, meeting, contact information an event calendar, newsletter and articles.
Straight Spouse Network
International support network of heterosexual women and men, formerly or currently partnered with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered mates.
Sunshine Club
Based in Hadley, MA. Includes meeting, membership and contact information.
TG Journeys - Transgendered Support Group
Web based. Includes membership information, members writings, a tg forum and an SO forum.
TG Support
Web-based. Includes Message boards, polls and photos.
The Vancouver Transgender Alliance
Web-Based. Serves Vancouver, Canada and British Columbia region. Includes chat room, message boards, news updates, pictures and personal profiles.
Tiffany Club of New England, The
Based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Membership, meeting and contact information, an event calendar and an advice column.
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Serves the western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and northern West Virginia areas. Includes meeting, membership, and contact information.
Trans community resource site for Yorkshire and the Humber UK, including local events listings.
Based in San Francisco, California. Site includes an events calendar, resource lists for the bay area, features, and an interactive message board.
TransFamily Cleveland
Based in Cleveland, Ohio. Meeting and contact information, email support groups, referrals, literature, and over-the-phone information on transgender issues.
Transgender Health Action Coalition
Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Advocacy, meeting and contact information, support, referrals, education and outreach, and peer counseling hot line.
Transgender New Mexico
Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Includes meeting schedule, contact information, photos, resources and links.
Transgendered Network International
Web based. Includes membership information, library, resources listed by state, and scheduled and unscheduled chat.
TransOhio Connection
Web-Based. Serves Ohio region. Includes chat room, message boards, personal stories and pictures.
Transsexual POZ Community
Web based. For the Transgender HIV+ community. Includes chat room, forums, life stories, contact information and personals.
Transsexual UK Support Group.
Includes membership information, chat room, discussion forum, electronic booklets, event calendar, medical information, and news.
Tri Ess Crossdressers
United States crossdresser organization. Regional chapter directory, membership information, event calendar and publications.
Triad Gender Association
Based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Includes meeting and contact information, an event calendar and a newsletter.
Twenty Club, Inc., The
Based in Hartford, Connecticut. Associated with the Gender Identity Clinic of New England. Meeting, contact, and newsletter information.
Washington Gender Alliance
Based in Bellingham, Washington. Includes information on meetings, contacts, and their speakers bureau.
West Texas Gender Benders
Based in Lubbock, Texas. Includes meeting and contact information, resources and an email list.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact, meeting and membership information. Publications, events calendar, support column, Toronto dining and shopping guide.