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Basketball player gets forced feminized by his wif, Bed Time Stories for Sissies, F files: Forced Feminization Fiction, Miss Vicky's Sissy Fiction, Petra Jane's Stories, Raji's home page, Raphael Carter, Sarah's Hot interactive forced feminization S, Steve Zink's Amazing Superhero Stories, The Girlie Boards
Mailing Lists
Shemale Transexual Mailing List, TGFiction, TG_Fiction, TG_Writers, trans-academic discussion list, trans-theory discussion list
Anything That Moves: Submission Guidelines, IJ TRANSGENDER - Author's Guidelines, transfeminism.org
Becoming a Visible Man
Noted writer/educator/activist Jamison Green's personal and political book on female-to-male transsexual experience
Born Eunuchs
Castrated men and gay men were both categorized under the term eunuchs.
Both Sides Now & Other Essays
These essays deal with various aspects of making the transition from male to female.
Brianna Austin
Home site of columnist for Girl Talk Magazine, TgForum, Transgender Community News and Girls Club Reporter, and, founder of the zany party girls in NYC called the Girls Club.
Delaware TG
This site is just an open journal of my feminization and my feelings while transitioning.
Diane's Den
Personal Essays covering a wide range of issues pertaining to crossdressers and transgender folk.
E Blakemore, playwright
Poems and play excerpts from this genderqueer author, including synopses, production and contact information.
Feminization fantasies
A collection of mostly fem-dom stories that act as a teaser for a phone line service
Gender-Swapping Sci-Fi
Version 4 of a list of books, theater, movies, tv shows, short stories, etc. that contain some short of gender "confusion," expanded to include transvestites, transsexual, cross dressing, and similar concepts.
Transsexual person's autobiography which also touches on bisexuality, abuse, recovery, drug abuse, gender ethics and politics.
Guide to Medical Intersexuality Vocabulary
Includes such bitterly funny entries as "Ambiguous Genitalia: Genitalia that refuse to declare their sex to doctors--no doubt on the principle that under interrogation by the enemy you should give only name, rank, and serial number."
In Our Own Words
A dictionary of words for masculine women.
International Journal of Transgenderism
IJT covers transsexualism, transvestitism, cross dressing and other transgender topics. The journal is peer reviewed, and its editorial board consists of many leading scientists from all over the world. Issues are published online quarterly and updated with new articles during the quarter.
Mairi MacDonald's home page
Serious writings on gender issues, including novel excerpts and political essays. MTF, FTM, and intersex material.
Marc's Writings
Poetry and personal stuff from a blue-haired bisexual trannyboy.
An openly "queer identified," omnisexual, FTM Transman, successfully transitioning non-operative for over twelve years.
Naked on Broadway
Writing as a transzone, not ftm, describing a gym ritual being genderqueer.
Outpress publishers Change of Love by Valerie Fran
"Change of Love" is a novel about body and soul, a fast-paced modern story featuring a positive transgendered character with remarkable spiritual insights.
Shannon's Queerest Space
Musings on genderqueer, writings on transgender subjects, particularly regarding trans and genderqueer youth. Come start the Gender Revolution with this Generation X femininst genderqueer!
TGstories story site, crossdressing stories, trans
Transgender fiction, transvestite and crossdressing stories for the CD TV TG and transsexual lifestyle.
The Idjit's Guide to Successful Gender Transi
Two poems to learn by heart in order to invent yourself a new life.
The Joker's Wild
A postmodern transgender trickster explores "life in the border regions." About sex change and fluidity as heresy, how bis and trannies both break taboo, and how passion infects all revelation.
The Lazy Cross-dresser
A site for the book coming late 2001 from Greenery Press. Includes tips, advice and stories about cross-dressing.
The world of Charles Anders
Transgender writer and author of erotica, science fiction and literary fiction. Also the webmistress of godhatesfigs.com and the author of The Lazy Crossdresser.
Transgender Book Reviews
Well-written reviews of transgender-themed books relating true or fictional stories. Some photo books and a TG dictionary are included.
Transgender Warrior
Personal domain of Leslie Feinberg where you can explore the spectrum of sex and gender and the movement for liberation. Includes information about Les and hir writings, a valentine to hir sweetie, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and some of hir articles for the Workers' World Paper, which sie edits.
Information on gender dysphoria, and all of the complexities surrounding it. Includes articles and essays.
Viola Fair
Androgynous, queergender and transgender subcurrents in avant-garde and postmodern art, art theory and related literary works.
Vivian's Stage, on transgender things and eve
An online blog on the everyday happenings of being a transgender woman in transition.
Wolfisms for All to Use and Enjoy
Invented terms for genderqueer lives.