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A Girl Encrypted
A girl named Mandy journeys through the transsexual abyss. Contains diary and information on transsexual terminology.
A transexual Teens homepage
Brief biography of a Asian-American male-to-female transexual.
A.J's LAnd of Confusion
A 17 year old F2M in Tennessee showing the world his life. Describes his past lesbian life, the new upcoming of the new him.
Ambiguous Sexuality with Glyndon
Female in flesh, mostly male in mind. A few words of explanation and support from your friendly on-line androgyn.
Fishy's Website
Diary and photographs of a transgirl from England.
All you would want to ever know about Bridget: the transsexual Gothic Wannabe
Josie's Home
Homepage of a transgender teen with bio and cool links.
Josilyn's Home
Josilyn's web page, whose aim is to help others her age realize that there are others out there like them and that they can talk or ask for help if needed.
Rachel's Place
Profile and message board for offering tips, writings, and rants.
Sarah's Room: The life of a transsexual teen
A transsexual teen's page about their struggle to become the person they really are. Page includes transgendered resources, links, help, and tips. There is also a web directory for teen transsexuals.
Sarah's Sex Change Page 98
Personal homepage for venting my frustrations, helping others and general stuff like that
The Castis World
A Tennessee trannyboy talks about school and self-piercing.
Tigris Euphrates
A m2f San Franciscan Wiccan computer freak transdyke with lots of strange obsessions. Page includes fiction writing, role playing games, obsessions, personal biography, poetry, and a lot of other strange things.