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Career and Job Advancement
CareerWin.com, Consortium For Worker Education, Help At Work, Human Performance and Achievement Resources, Mind Tools, Personal Strategic Planning, Promotability Test, The Motivation Tool Chest, The Work Ethic Wizard, The Work Smart! Book
Company Loyalty
Corncard Incident, Cultivate employee loyalty, True blue HR professionals say no, but companies c
Coworker Relations
Anonymous Messages, Company Alumni, Ask The Workplace Doctors, AskMen.com - Office Romance, Dr. Susan Campbell - Consulting, Coaching and Trai, NASA exercise - Lost on the moon, NEEB & Co Electricity Industry Worldwide, Personal Hygiene Chapter of the Crazy Colour Etiqu, Poems about Professions for Free, The Fresh Market Employee Message Board, Value City Furniture
Malta Arbitration Centre, My Boss Is A Blank, My Toxic Boss, National Organization of Federal Employees Against, WWAssociates Chat Room
Job Burnout
Are You Burning Out?, Burnout Prevention and Recovery, Crazy Colour Office Survival, Disgruntled, How Close Are You to Burnout?, I-Resign.com, On Top of Stress, Preventing and Curing Employee Burnout, Sample Resignation Letters to Print, Stress and Burnout in Ministry
Job Sharing
Downsizing vs. Timesizing, Job Sharing, Job Sharing Offers Unique Challenges
Labor Movement
Culture, Education, News, Organizing, Unions, A. Philip Randolph Institute, AFL-CIO National Boycott List, AFSCME LaborLinks: Women's Labor History, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, BROWNson's nursing notes, Canadian Association of Labour Media, Committee for a Workers' International, Competitive Edge Training Services, Council on Economic Priorities Accrediation Agency, DavesDirtyRatBastardsHuntingClub
Labor-Management Relations
Court Decision Interpretation, Labor Relations News, Management Consultants, Agency for Dispute Resolution & Synergistic Re, Agricultural Labor Management, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor , Executive PayWatch, Graduate Department of Industrial & Labor Rela, HR.com Human Resources Management, Training, Jobs,, Industrial Relations Research Association Home Pag, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, Job-Law, A Service of Don D. Sessions, A PLC, Empl, Labor Union Avoidance Videos
Minority Groups
African American, Hispanic, Asians Coming Together
Part-Time Employment
Going Part-Time: How to Afford Cutting Back Your H, Nixers, Will The Day Ever Come?, Working Worldwide
Rethinking Work
@Work on the web, An alein's view of life on earth, Are You Happy with your Job?, CBC Newsonline Special Feature: The Way We Work, CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slave, Downsized People: Job Subsidies vs Income Supports, Fisher Vista, Flexibility, New Ways to Work, PBS Work and Labor Series: 'Livelihood'
United Kingdom, All Freelance, Center for Self-employment Excellence, Free Agent Boston, Free Agent Nation, Freelance Home Based Careers, Freelance Jobs News, Freelance Living, Independent Contractor Agreement, National Association for the Self-Employed, Success-Solution
Shift Work
Circadian Technologies, Circadian Technologies Ltd., Coping with Shiftwork, IDS - European Working Time Directive, International Association for Time Use Research, LightsOut! Sleep Mask, Night Owl Network, Night Writer Online Magazine, Shift Work and Shift Lag, Shiftwork Benchmarking Institute
John Kupersmith's Technostress Page, Stress Reduction, Technophobia and Technostress, TechnoStress, The Neo-Luddite Reaction
Temporary Employment
Campaign on Contingent Work, Center for a Changing Workforce, Contingent Law Online, Fuck That Job, Interim Management Research, National Alliance for Fair Employment, Shupe Contingent Services, Siegel Capital, LLC, Silicon Valley at Work, Temp Worker's Guide to Self-Fulfillment
Layoffs and Downsizing, !Enjoy The Unemploy, IT Unemployed, ITUnemployed.com, your home away from work, Letters of Rejection, Not Working for a Living, Personnel Planners, Unemployed Programmers Associating, Unemployed, disgruntled & laid off workers for
Alaska Whistleblowers Resource Guide, Ascension Health ISD Horror Stories, Blowing-The-Whistle, Bombardier Sucks, Government Accountability Project, Insiders Talk About Working At Household, Justice Denied, National Whistleblower Center, Online Business Fraud and Abuse Reporting Service, Public Concern at Work
Black Women's Leadership Council, Catalyst, Diary of a Working Woman in the South, Northampton Women's Network, The Globalist: Women and Globalization, The Happy 100: Women Who Love Their Work, and Why, The Working Woman's Timesaver, VPMom.com, Womans Work, Women and the Economy
Work - Life Balance
Balancing Work and Life, Collaboration on Work-Life, Employers for Work-Life Balance, Methods To Achieve Permanent Vacation, Millstones and Milestones, Super Busy Parents, Work life balance, Work-Life Balance in Canadian Workplaces
Work and Family
Organizations, Workplace Child Care, Berger Institute for Work, Family and Children, BlueSuitMom.com, Boyd Processing Service, Callister & Associates, Family Friendly Work, Familylife Solutions, Flametree - Life Balancing Solutions, Getamom.com - changing the way parents go to work., Mothers On A Mission, Organized-Living.com
Support Groups, AskMen.com : Workaholism, Avoiding Workaholism, Liberation from Workaholism, Workaholism, Leisure and Pleasure
Working Abroad
AdVISE Relocation Services Housing, schooling, exp, AP Alexander, Country Customs Chapter of the Crazy Colour Etique, First approval to work in Britain, Living in Germany, My Advocate. Business and Career solutions for Uni, Working Abroad : Job in the Sun : Jobs in Tenerife
Workplace Discrimination
Age Discrimination, Bullying, Diversity, A Pattern of Discrimination at Boeing?, Abercrombie Discrimination Lawsuit, Child-Free Employees See Another Side of Equation, Compaq's Treatment of Disabled Employees, Discrimination Research Center, EMAD - Employers Making a Difference, Employee University, Employment discrimination against African, Hispani, Employment of the Disabled, ENDA
Workplace Spirituality
Christian, Association for Spirit at Work, Crossroads Center for Faith and Work, Essay: Work and Spirit, Faith and Work: An Introspective Approach, Humility - Darwin Magazine, Megan R. McDonough Company, Seven Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace, SoulScape, Spirit Connections, Spirit Counts!
Workweek Reduction
Flexible work arrangements - How to get your boss , Productivity and the Workweek, Shorter Work Time
Custodial Worker's Resource
A worker's resource for custodial, janitorial, maintenance workers and other service professionals. Included are a message board, information on safety, floor care, maintenance and unions.
National Institute for Working Life
Newsletter, upcoming European conference, other publications, research information. Located in Sweden.
Searching for Job Security
Discussion of ways to hold on to your job until you are ready to move on.
The AFL-CIO Working for America Institute
Works to create good jobs and strong communities through partnerships promoting high road economic strategies for individuals and employers. Articles, conferences and other resources.
The Work Ethic Site
Provides a central resource for materials related to work ethic, affective work competencies, and employability skills for work force development. It is designed to serve both educators and human resource professionals. At University of Georgia.
The Work Foundation
Offers research, consultancy and advocacy to make workplaces more effective, successful and fulfilling.
United States Department of Labor
Charged with preparing the American workforce for new and better jobs, and ensuring the adequacy of America's workplaces. It is responsible for the administration and enforcement of over 180 federal statutes.
Values at Work Questionnaire
Allows you to take a survey on your attitudes towards work.
Work Website
Quotations, stories, disccussions, articles, and humour about work.
Working Stiff
Webzine to help working people put in fewer hours for more pay and occasionally win arguments with the boss. Features diaries, stories, columns, forums, and other resources.
Companion site to the CBC Radio series exploring the world of work. Topics ranging from the serious to the humorous include confessions of misdeeds, sleeping with the boss, commuting, getting fired and early retirement. Entire programs available by Real Audio. Email list also offered.
Access to the latest information on the labour codes to your province, and to compare practices in your region with those of other provinces and territories in Canada.