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1998 World Boomerang Championship, Boomerang World Cup 2000, BoomerangUSA, Spring Break Buggy Blast, World Boomerang Championships 2004
Design and Construction
Cardboard Boomerang, Cardboard Boomerangs, Carl's Composite MTA Pages, Finger Boomerangs, Four Wing Boomerang, How to Make Boomerangs That Come Back, MrDunston Boomerangs, Pat's Boom Bag, Whishhbone Boomerangs
Boomerang World, Search Amateur - Games - Boomerangs. How to build
Belgian Boomerang Association, Boomerang Association of Australia (BAA), British Boomerang Society, BTA NSW, Danish Boomerang Club, United States Boomerang Association
Personal Pages
BVD'Rangs, Crazy Boomerang Production, Dimana Boomerangs, Flying Frog Boomerangs, Gunter's Boomerang Page, Herm's Boomerang Page, Hubert Foulon: A Tribute, Jens Krabbe's Boomerangs, My Boomerang Collection, Robert Burwell
BUM Homepage, Indianapolis Boomerang Club, Mothers Against Boomerangs, Republic of Texas Boomerang Society, Rocky Mountain Boomerang Throwers, The Cleveland Boomerang School, Vermont Boomerang Association
Aerodynamics of boomerangs, Boomerangs!, How Stuff Works: Boomerang, Lesson with a Boomerang, Minnesota Technolog: Boomeranging, Unspinning the Boomerang
Boomerang Fun
Explains aerodynamics, types, games, history, and related links.
Boomerang Passion
Includes design plans with descriptions and pictures, decoration ideas, FAQ, photos, and related links.
Boomerang Team Young Guns
Member profiles for this German team.
Gel Boomerangs
Tuning and throwing instructions, tips on corrective measures for accuracy problems, and an explanation of events from this retired manufacturer.
History of Boomerangs
A brief summary of the evolution of the sport.
Long Distance Boomerangs
News, bulletin board, tournament results, and instructions; dedicated exclusively to long-distance throwing.
MX Boomerangs
Instructions on throwing, types of boomerangs and how they are made; includes information on subscribing to the rang email list.