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De La Hoya, Oscar
AltoSport: Oscar De La Hoya
Hamed, Prince Naseem
AltoSport: Naseem Hamed, Naseem Hamed, Nazonline: Naseem Hamed
Holyfield, Evander
AltoSport: Evander Holyfield, The Real Deal
Klitschko, Vitali and Wladimir
Klitschko Fan Page, The Official site of Klitschko Brothers, Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko Fan Site, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko
Mesi, Joe
Joe Mesi Official Site, Mesi, Joe
Trinidad, Felix
AltoSport: Felix Trinidad
Tyson, Mike
"Iron"Mike Tyson, AltoSports:Mike Tyson, Iron Mike Tyson, Joyce Carol Oates:Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson: The Baddest Man the Planet, The Smoking Gun: Archive
Arthur, Alex
Provides boxer biography, pictures and boxing news.
Arthur, Jamie
Official site with news, biography, results and photos.
Braddock, James
Official web site of James J. Braddock, Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1935 to 1937.
Brewster, Lamon
Official site of US heavyweight contender Lamon Brewster providing a biography and photos.
Calzaghe, Joe
Official site includes news, profile, photos, statistics, and post fight interview.
Carter, Ruben "Hurricane"
Fan page of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter containing interviews and a video feed.
Coker, James "Cowboy"
Website of the southpaw fighter from Texas containing his record, upcoming fights and statistics.
Corder, Cleveland
Official site for professional Junior Middleweight boxer "The Warrior". Includes amateur and professional record, profile, photos, news, and related links.
Foreman, George
The official George Foreman website, featuring articles and a gift shop.
Gambina, Jimmy
Photos and details about this boxing master, trainer and actor appearing in Rocky 1, Rocky v, The Champ, Snake Eyes and Black Cloud.
Gilbert, Joey
Official site of professional boxer, attorney at law, and participant in NBC's "The Contender". Includes photos, statistics, profile, record, staff, press archives, and related links.
Golota, Andrew
Provides thumbnailed pictures, biography and related links to the Polish heavyweight.
Harrison, Audley
Official web site of Audley Harrison the Olympic super-heavyweight champion providing news, photos and biography.
Harrison, Scott
Official web site to the WBO featherweight champion of the world. Includes news, biography, photos, and statistics.
Hernandez, Angel "El Toro"
Provides boxer history, previous opposition, scrapbook and merchandise.
Holyfield, Evander
Includes latest news, history, and merchandise.
Hopkins, Bernard
Provides record, fight statistics and biography of the undisputed middleweight champion.
Hussein, Hussein
Includes biography, fight statistics, photos, and video clips of the Australian based flyweight.
Jirov, Vasili
Dedicated to the IBF cruiserweight champion. Provides news articles, photo gallery, profile, forum and links.
Khaliq, Jawaid
Official web site of Jawaid Khaliq, welterweight boxer. Includes stats, fights, training and interviews.
Kostya Tszyu
Forum, gallery, biography, and merchandise.
Lewis, Lennox
Pictures, in-depth biography, and commentary with ratings.
Maciunski, Darren
The official site of the middleweight known as "Checkmate", offering photos, fight record and career history.
Marco Barrera
The official site includes biography, photos, career record, video clips and chat forum.
McCline, Jameel
Fan page of Jameel "Big Time" McCline containing statistics, biography, photos and news.
McCrory, Glenn
Official website of the former IBF World Cruiserweight Champion offering information on the boxers new job roles.
McCullough, Wayne
Official site with photos, interviews and his fight information.
McNeeley, Peter
The official website of heavyweight boxer "Hurricane" Peter McNeeley of Boston. Includes news, photos, ring statistics, and biography.
Mosley, Shane
Official site of Sugar Shane. Includes biography, news, press archives, and statistics.
Musico, Danny
Offers information on the boxer, actor, model and athlete spokesman.
Ndou, Lovemore
Official website of world ranked super lightweight boxer. Includes biography, pictures and news.
Paez, Jorge
Official site of the former IBF World Featherweight Champion. Includes biography, photos, and record.
Phillips, Dean
Official website of "Dynamite", the British Lightweight including profile, fight record and images.
Rivera, Jose Antonio
The official website of this WBA champion including news, reports, and statistics.
Soliman, Sam
Official website of this world ranked middleweight boxer. Includes biography, pictures and news.
Spain, Tony
Provides his amateur and professional record, toughman history and personal training tips.
Tan, Rico
Official web site of Rico "Juice" Tan, professional welterweight boxer from Toronto, Canada. Includes photographs, biography, videos and information.
Tenny, Dave
Professional cutman and boxing trainer.
Tiger, Dick
Dedicated to the late boxing great, with record, photos and fight reviews.
Tua, David
Official site of the New Zealand based heavyweight contender. Offers profile, record, results and photos.
Vargas, Fernando
Official site features a biography, news, statistics and merchandise. [Requires Flash]
Williams, Dazzo
The official site of the British featherweight champion offering news, fight information and photos.
Williamson, DaVarryl
Fight record, history and latest news on the heavyweight prospect nicknamed the "Touch of Sleep".
Witter, Junior
Official website of "The Hitter". Features news, profile, links, and gallery.