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Croquet Association
Descriptions of Association (International Rules) and Golf croquet.
Curious About Croquet?
Outline of the game, the four-ball break, and how to play the strokes.
Edinburgh Croquet Club
Brief outline of the game.
Jersey Croquet Club
History, attractions, and descriptions of the game.
Masters Games
rules of the game.
Oakley Woods Croquet Equipment
What is croquet? A bit of history, short glossary, International Six-Wicket Croquet, American Six-Wicket Croquet, Golf Croquet, American Nine-Wicket Croquet.
United States Croquet Association (USCA)
Description of Nine-Wicket Backyard Croquet, Six-Wicket American Croquet, Six-Wicket International Croquet, and Golf Croquet.
United States Croquet Association (USCA)
Overview of croquet in America, from backyard game to worldclass sport.