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Bicycles FAQ
Index of road and mountainbike Usenet FAQs.
Bike Parts by Biker's Barbecue
A useful and entertaining check list of bike parts and accessories one should consider taking along on a bicycle trip.
Bikes R Not Toys
A lay-person's guide to the purchase and use of everything to do with bicycles and bicycling.
A generally useful site containing help and information sections on bicycle repair, maintenance, inspection, adjustment, and selection. Secondary features include links to relevant auction items of eBay.
Bloom Bike Shop
Provides bike repair and maintenance information for cyclists and business information for shop owners. The team, directories, guides, and theft prevention information.
Cycling For Newbies
Information for beginning cyclists on bike types, frames, gearing, tires, rims, and equipment.
HowStuffWorks: How Mountain Bikes Work
Article containing photographs and animation that helps to explain gears, derailleurs, suspension, frames, brakes and general information. By Karim Nice
IceBike Shoes
How to make shoes for very-cold-weather bicycling.
Interactive Cycling FAQ's & Answers Site
A subordinate offering of Interactive Cycling, this site offers FAQs and How-To files covering several facets of cycling and bicycle maintenance.
New to Cycling with CoBR
Advice and information for the new and leisure cyclist.
rec.bicycles.* Archives and FAQ
Contains archive of postings and listing of frequently asked questions and their responses.
Spoke Length Formula and Wheel Lacing Information
Gives the formula to calculate the spoke length for any spoked wheel. Explains how to take the necessary measurements. Also provides wheel lacing, building, and related cycling information.