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Bicycle Trailer
Demonstration of a practical human powered bicycle transportation. A cargo trailer for use behind a bike.
Bike Design for Engineers
Bike design at CALPOLY San Luis Obispo. Includes background on the first Human powered helicopter, As well as student bicycle designs.
Bikefix: human power solutions
The centre for human powered vehicles of every description.
Cycle Rickshaw Innovation
An idea for modernising cycle rickshaw or human powered vehicle. Reduces operator fatigue by converting sideways movement into forward momentum.
Dan Speas' Variable Exercise Bicycle
Offers overview and photo gallery of a cable-driven bike with independent pedals and an infinite array of gear ratios. It is useful as a rehabilitation tool. Features videos on the bike and riding.
Get Bent
Information on recumbent biking and heathly lifestyles. The site offers a listing of south Florida recumbent biking events and a message board.
Human Powered Race America
The only racing series in the United States for recumbent and Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs). Includes events calendar, overview and history, along with information regarding the .deciMach Prize For Human Powered Speed.
Jack's Recumbent Website
Describes how to fully fair a Linear Sonic. Photographs and descriptions of modifications made by other Linear owners.
JKM - Personal Transport Solution
A recumbent trike with a 3/4 fairing to make cycling easier, safer and more comfortable
June Moxon Braised Brass Sculptures and The Kineti
The sculptures race at events throughout the USA. Judged for art, engineering, pageantry and speed, these vehicles race on mud, pavement, sand, and water.
Killer Tomato
Kinetic Sculpture Races. Learn how to build human-powered, all-terrain vehicles. Find out where these races take place. Combining art, science, and technology can be fun.
Kinetic Duo Sculpture
Features a pedal-powered Kinetic Sculpture, titled "Kinetic Duo." Julie and William Pitt will pedal Kinetic Duo in the 35th annual Great Kinetic Sculpture Race. Photographs, and step-by-step making.
Kinetic Sculpture Links
Links to photo galleries, descriptions, artists and active Kinetic Sculpture Race sites in the U.S. and worldwide.
Moz describes his bikes, how he builds them, what he uses them for. Mostly load bikes and silly bikes, some are both.
Focused on the proliferation and improvement of the "4 wheeled bike." Features links to manufacturers and related resources to earth conscious types of transportation.
Recumbent Bicycles
How to choose a recumbent, manufacturer websites, and information.
Recumbent Cycling Across America
While touring America's backroads on a Lightning Stealth, Charles DiBella is available to speak at schools, churches, civic clubs, and with individuals.
Surreys by Tecnoart of America, Inc.
Manufacturer of four-wheel pedal-powered cycles known as surreys. Offers products for sale and surrey rental business opportunities.
Team Y-knot's Kinetic Sculpture Site
Contains pictures, movies and commentary of their projects. The first sculpture, Chips N Dips, ran in the 2002 Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race.
UC Berkeley Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Team
Site dedicated to human powered vehicles and the assault on the human powered vehicle land speed record.
Whymcycles - reconfigurations of recycled bicycles
Creative hand or foot powered bicycles creations in imaginative configurations, ridden daily by individuals, and en-masse in the UC Davis annual Picnic Day parade.
The industry portal for workbikes. Find out who makes them, who rides them and the latest news.
World Solar Cycle Challenge
Annual event for participants to design and build a pedal-powered car capable of crossing the Australian continent, but with only daylight as fuel.