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American Bashkir Curly
Associations, Breeders, Curly Stallion Showcase, The Curly Horse of America, The Curly List
American Cream
American Cream Draft Horse, American Cream Draft Horse Association, Denali Draft Horses, Lupkes American Cream Draft Horses, Miller's Cream Draft, Peak View Farm, Yellow Horse
American Saddlebred
Associations, Breeders, Chats and Forums, Magazines and E-zines, American Saddlebred Horse WebRing, American Saddlebreds In My Life, American-Saddlebred.Com, IMH American Saddlebred, Saddlebred Kids, Showhorse Showplace, The Saddlebred Information Source
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Australian Ponies
Breeders, Australian Stud Saddle Pony Society
Australian Stock Horse
Breeders, Australian Stock Horse or Waler, Australian Waler Horse, The, Breeds of Livestock: Australian Stock Horse, The Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd., Waler Horse Society of Australia
Azteca Horse Association of Canada, Azteca Horse Registry of America, Inc., Azteca Horses, Aztecana, Dream Aztecas, International Azteca Horse Association, Raindance Aztecas, The American Azteca Horse International Associatio
El Rancho Wakan, Fantasia and Barb Horse, French Barb Horse Association, Horse Care: Barb (Berber), International Museum of the Horse: Spanish Barb, Quien Sabe Ranch
Belgian Draft Horse
Breeders, Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America, Gregory's Belgian Geldings, Sod Buster Rod
Breeds of Livestock: Australian Brumby Horse, Brumby Protection Group, The, Brumby Watch Australia, Save the Brumbies
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Cleveland Bay
Associations, Arreton Rare Breeds, Bay Haven Farm, Bey Breze Farm, Cleveland Bay Affair, Cleveland Bay Horses for Sale, ClevelandBay, Fairview Farm, Legacy Cleveland Bay Farm, Penrhyn Stud, Saintjuliots Stud
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Colorado Ranger
Colorado Ranger Horse Association
Connemara Pony
Associations, Breeders, Connemara Pony Ring, ConnemaraPony, Internet Connermara Pony Gallery
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Dartmoor Pony
Associations, Breeders, Dartmoor Pony
Draft Horses
Associations, Spotted Draft Horse, Boulogne Horses, Davison Draft International, Draft Dreams, Draft Horse Journal, Draft Horse Photos, Draft Horse Resource, Fair Winds Farm, Farmer Brown's Plow Shop, J and L Livestock, Little Hoof's Draft Horse Page
Dutch Harness Horse
Cavaletti - Hoeve, The Dutch Harness Horse Registry, Winsome Stables
Dutch Warmblood
Associations, Breeders, Sales
Exmoor Pony
EPIC: Exmoor Ponies in Conservation, Exmoor Ponies Online, Hurgill Stables, Marlyn Exmoor Pony Farms
Fell Pony
Breeders, A Lifetime In The Fells, Fell Pony, Fell Pony Forum (Yahoo! Groups), Fell Pony Directory, Fell Pony Fun (Yahoo! Groups), Fell Pony Journal & Archive, Fell Pony Museum at Dalemain, Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas, Fell Pony Society of North America, Mustahevonen Debut
Finnish Horse, Joy of Horses, The: An Introduction to the Finnhor, Satu M's Finnhorse Page, Savijärvi Manor, Suomenratsut, The Significance of the Finnish Horse in the Winte
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Gaited Horses
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Breeds of Livestock: Gelderlander Horse, The Gelderlander Horse
Georgian Grande Horse
Flying W Farms, International Georgian Grande Horse Registry, Inc.
Gypsy Vanner
Breeders, Personal Pages, Gypsy Cob Society of America, Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd., Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Vanner Central, The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Breeders, Canadian Hackney Society, Hackney Horses, Hackney Web Ring, Hackney World, Hackneys, Northeast Hackney Association, Ottawa Valley Light Horse Association Shows, The Hackney Horse Hub, The Hackney Horse Society (UK)
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Highland Pony
Associations, Fourmerk Highlanders, Highland pony, Holmedown Highland Ponies, Kellwould Home Page, Kirkcarrion Highland Ponies, Lonetree Farms, Trailtrow Highland Pony Stud
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Irish Draught
Associations, Breeders, IrishDraughthorse, The Mare's Nest
Kerry Bog Pony
American Kerry Bog Pony Society, The Kerry Bog Pony Society Of Ireland
Associations, Breeders, Web Rings, Lipizzaner Centre - South Africa, Lippizan-net, The Lipizzan Billboard, The Lipizzaners of South Africa
Above & Beyond Equestrian Arts Center, APSL - Portuguese Purebred Lusitano Breeders Assoc, Carpe Diem Farm, Casa Lusitana, Cortijo Monte Madeira, Coudelaria Félix da Costa, Coudelaria Oliveira e Sousa, International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Associ, La Belle Errance, Lusitano Interagro
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McCurdy Plantation Horses
Bentoak Farm,, Destiny Hills Ranch, Dunrovin Plantation, J-Bar Farm and Kennel, McCurdy Plantation Horse Association
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Missouri Fox Trotting
Associations, Breeders, A Diamond in the Rough, Foxtrotter Stallions, Foxtrotter Station, Foxtrotters Online, Missouri Fox Trotter- Susan's Viewpoint, Missouri Foxtrotter Connection, Missouri Foxtrotter News, Velvet In Reining Competition-A Missouri Fox Trott
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National Show Horse
National Show Horse, National Show Horse Online
New Forest Pony
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Norwegian Fjord
Associations, Breeders, Fjord Horse List, Fjord Issues email list, Fjord Pony, Fjords USA
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Paso Fino
Associations, Breeders, Chats and Forums, Sales, Hannah's Paso Fino Page, National Paso Fino Trail Ride Directory, PasoPedigree.com, The History of the Paso Fino Horse, The Paso Fino
Associations, Breeders, New York Percheron Horse Association, Percheron.ca, PercheronCrosses
Peruvian Paso
Associations, Aldergrove Peruvians, Anderson-Dapelo Pecan Valley Ranch, Angels Flight Riding Center and Pasos de Oro Peruv, Bay View Farms, Bentwood Place, Bidbook.com Online Horse Auction, Black Horse Trading Company, Cataloochee Ranch Peruvian Horses, Celestina Ranch, CHR Eastwind Peruvian Ranch
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American Show Pony Registry, Foxmor Farms, Maye Show Ponies, National Pony Society Scotland
Pony of the Americas
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Quarter Horse
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Quarter Pony
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Camargue Horses, Caspian horses at Texana Farms, Colorado Ranger Horse Association, Equus Kinsky International, International Horse Club Registry, Kabardians from Caucasia, Kokovoko, Montana Traveler Horse Association, Nokota Horse Conservancy, Raresteeds
Rocky Mountain
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Selle Francais
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Shetland Pony
Breeders, ClassicShetlands, Shetland Pony, Shetland Pony, Miniature Horse and Tack Sale Board, ShetlandPonyTalk
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Spanish Horses
Associations, Caballos Andaluces, Galiceno.com, Sorraia Folheto Informativo, Spanish Horses, SpanishHorses.com
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Spotted Saddle Horse
Associations, Breeders, Spotted Saddle Horses
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Associations, Fair Winds Farm, Suffolk Horses, The Suffolk Punch Pages
Swedish Warmblood
Associations, Breeders, Swedish Warmblood Zone
Tennessee Walking
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Breeders, Chats and Forums, Famous Horses, News and Media, Stallions, Web Rings, Stallion Register Online
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Associations, Breeders, Import and Sales, World Wide Warmbloods
Welsh Pony and Cob
Associations, Breeders, Chats and Forums, Shows, Web Rings, Welsh Pony and Cob Connection
New Horizons Dressage, Westfalen Horse Association, Westfälische Pferdestammbuch e.V.
Horse Breeds
An alphabetical listing, history and breed specifications of many horse breeds from the Oklahoma State University Horse Project.
The International Museum of the Horse: Breeds of t
Offers a comprehensive listing of all equine breeds, complete with descriptions and photos.