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Jeff's Page
Describes how to tie a fiador knot for a halter.
JL&L MacDonald's Homepage
About the MacDonald's and their horses: JESS Chicken & Suns Chic Sierra.
Joliemiester Master
A personal page about my two wonderful horses, Insluciant "Jolie" and Latest Release "Malcom". Including information and pictures of my favorite sport, 3-day eventing.
Judith's Online Home
Photos of Judith's pets, including her horses, with links to sites in her fields of interest and a weekly newsletter. Ontario based.
Julie Bartlett
Information and photos about Julie, her horses, and her visit with Pat Parelli.
Just Horsin' Around
A family site with pictures of horses and useful links.
Just James
Story of a woman's first horse Jamie who was lost in a riding accident.
The JPRider133 Homepage
Personal site about the hobby of horses. Trailride stories, with Shelley's David Lee Murphy Fan Pages and a nationwide horseshows listing.