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Clicker Training for Your Horse
Presented by Alexandra Kurland. General information on clicker training, sample chapter of Kurland's book on clicker training for horses, photo album and success stories.
Horse and Rider Awareness
Horsemanship educator Randi Thompson teaches methods to communicate and connect with the horse. Features instructor profile, riding clinics, testimonials.
Horse Training From the Ground Up
Offers articles by different trainers on natural horsemanship methods.
Linda Tellington Jones
TTEAM offers a training approach that encourages optimal performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. Information about the methods, training workshops, practitioner directory.
Of One Mind - Talking Horses
Offers essays and articles by Gincy Bucklin, Certified Expert Instructor by the American Riding Instructor's Association.
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Information about the training system. Includes links to national Parelli sites, books, videos, lists of certified trainers and clinic schedules.
The Art Of Classical Riding
An online school discussing the foundations of classical equitation in clear and simple instructions for the everyday rider. Also includes product recommendations.
The Australian Clicker Connection
Information on clicker training, especially for horses. Includes articles and links to other clicker training resources.
The Whole Horse.
Promoting classical riding and holistic health to horse owners. Includes articles on training, health, training tips, links and an e-mail discussion list.
Training-Horses List
Email list for trainers and horse owners regarding training advice, open to any breed and discipline.