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Altoona NHL Fantasy League
An eight-team league from Altoona, Pennsylvania . Teams draft 21 NHL players in a live draft in September of each year.
Bracknell Bees Block 5 Predicta League
This is a prediction league site for a group of ice hockey fans in the UK. You have to predict the scores for the Sekonda Ice Hockey Superleague and the Findus British National League.
Fantasy Hockey League
Six-team league plays head to head weekly games using current NHL statistics. Teams can do weekly lineups changes, and league produces a yearbook every summer.
Fantasy Hockey League
Site of the Fantasy Hockey League (FHL), a 7-member league using NHL statistics.
FHL Hockey
Online head-to-head fantasy hockey using nhl players.
Great Canadian Fantasy Hockey League
Based in Windsor Canada, and founded in 2001, this keeper league features 16 teams, 25 man rosters, free-agents/waiver wire and head-to-head scoring for an 82 game season plus playoffs.
Massey Cup Hockey League
Rotisserie league based on NHL statistics. Site contains team news, statistics, rosters, schedules, scores, and archives.
Midian Sports Hockey Draft
Free hockey draft. Draft participants select NHL players from pre-defined categories and get points based on NHL statistics.
National Fantasy Hockey League
League's participants use statistics and salaries of NHL players to select teams of 23 NHL players.
North Bay Hockey League
Hockey pool established in 1991. Its 6 teams are located in Ontario, Canada. Pool activities includes trades, drafts, head-to-head schedule and weekly lineup changes.
Ogie Ogilthorpe Fantasy Hockey League
Pay to play head-to-head league with 12 teams in 3 division using NHL statistics.
Online Fantasy Hockey League
NHL-based league with owners involved in all the important decisions related to the league.. Communications between participants are done using e-mails and ICQ.
Piranha Hockey League
League based on NHL statistics, with multiple awards available each season to participants.
Ross Sheppard Alumni Invitational Hockey Pool
Annual hockey pool started in 1984. Site contains history of the pool since when it started.
SMS Office Pools
NHL sports betting, game odds, instant SMS scores and statistics, draft updates and pool information.
24 team league. Results are based on NHL statistics.
The Hockey Contest
Head-to-head league of 8 teams. Teams can keep up to 7 players between seasons. Pre-season draft is done using ICQ.
Ultimate Hockey League
Head-to-head league with realistic rules for contracts and player movements.