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Alpha Fantasy Football
Fantasy soccer based on the English premier football league. Free to play. Prizes awarded.
Bangor Fantasy League
A private league; 22 friends divided into 3 leagues all from Bangor N.Ireland, with links and resources.
Bargewell Predictions
Predict the results of English Premier League and Scottish Premier League matches. Free-to-Play.
BBC Fantasy Football
Free to enter monthly fantasy football game based on the English Premiership, with prizes available including World Cup, Premiership and Champions League tickets.
Belta Fantasy Football
Online community offering league tables, team rankings, news and links to clubs in the uk.
Pay-to-play. Dream Premiership real-life performance based fantasy football game. Choose a squad of 20 players.
Game based on the English premiership. Offers a discussion forum, league tables, match statistics and results. FAQ and feedback section available.
Cool Predictions
Predict the scores, run a mini league, compete with friends. Free entry.
Correct Score
Predict the result for every premiership game, with monthly cash prizes and mini-leagues. Pay-to-Play.
Choose from over 1000 teams worldwide in this global soccer management game. Pay to play.
Free fantasy soccer where you could win up to $5000 US. Manage your own team of players from the top European leagues.
Free and based on results from English Premiership. Compete in an existing league or create your own. Features squad, team and formation selection. Weekly updates.
Cyprus Football Fantasy League
Play this fantasy game with football teams from Cyprus.
Dream Team
Browser based game powered by the Sun. Provides player statistics, team information and prizes. Allows the user to get updates via email or SMS text.
Dreamteam 66
Fantasy soccer game with a difference - team names, club badges, prize money and a laugh along the way.
East Midlands Football Supporters Site
Includes a free to enter prediction league for East Midlands supporters, test your skills against fans of Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Leicester City, Notts County, Chesterfield Town and Mansfield Town.
Egyptian Fantasy League
Egyptian Premier League fantasy games in both Arabic and English Languages.
Fantasy Calcio
Provides an online game for the Italian Serie A including daily news email. League rules and top ten team list available.
Fantasy F.C
Play by mail fantasy soccer game with a chance to win prizes based on scores in the English Premiership. Two competitions run a year. Pay to play.
Fantasy Football UK
Management game for squads based on wages and performance.
Fantasy Footy League
A site for members to check scores and manage teams.
Fantasy Soccer (Yahoo)
Select and manage a team of players throughout the season and earn points based on their performance.
Fatty and Baldys Score Prediction League
Allows the user to predict games. Includes forum, alternative tables and mini leagues.
Pick 11 Premiership players and score based performance over the season.
Football focus 2002
Offers a free play by email soccer management game including a chat room.
Football Manager
Buy and sell players to build a squad then compete in weekly league.
Football Timbey
English Premiership league game. Messageboard, links, rules and team information.
Footee Jr
Management game. Select a team or choose a pre-made one, within budget.
Footie Predictions
Invites the viewer to predict 8 soccer games a week. Provides a result, league and information page.
Footy Fantasy
League based on the English Premiership and International Football Competitions.
Footy Fantasy Competitons
A series of fantasy soccer competitions, with cash prizes, where you are the manager of your own Dream Team. Pay to play.
Formation Football
UK Premier league fantasy soccer game updated daily with player statistics and graphs. Allows the user to create their own team from over 500 players.
Fury Leagues
Offers the opportunity to manage one team in Europe, and compete against other people. Team list, transfer list and newsboard available.
Geordie Fantasy League
For all Geordies or followers of Newcastle United, based in Shearerland, North East England.
Giles' League
Personal league site. Results sent by email.
Global Football League
Free competition where players predict the results of Premiership matches every week.
Goals Network
A free fantasy soccer game played by email. Games are simulated once a week. Contains forums, mailing list, searchable help desk with game tutorials.
Trade/transfer players and manage a team in competition with simultaneous opponents. Free game.
Game featuring premier league, calcio and bundesliga. Livescore, webboard, forecast and news.
I Dream Football.com
Free fantasy football league for EPL, SPL and Champion's league.
Interactive Sheepskin
Build a club from scratch; build the stadium, buy and sell players, set the ticket prices, and manage strategy.
Jorum Fantasy Football
A play by mail game against hundreds of human managers in the worlds top leagues.
King Billy Fantasy Football League
Fantasy League forums and links with Spot the Ball, managers profiles, updates and general fantasy football information.
Live Football 2004
Offering Premiership, Conference and the Scottish Premier League. Also featuring mini-leagues and forums.
Major Fantasy League Soccer
Select and manage a team of players throughout the MLS season and earn points based on their performance. Pay to play.
Major Indoor Soccer Fantasy League
Select and manage a team of MISL players throughout the MISL season and earn points based on their performance.
Monster Predictions
Supporters of English and Scottish football league teams can predict team scores, and win prizes.
MSWL Soccer
Email based Fantasy Soccer game. Join their game or start your own using their software. Free to play, forums, mailing list, chat room.
Automatic team lineup selection for www.hattrick.org.
Passjams League
English fantasy football league.
Phoenix Fantasy Football
Game for the English 2001/02 season. Users must register in order to play.
Portal Football Manager
Win Cash Prizes by guiding your team to glory in this in-depth football management game where you control everything.
Poule Games
Prediction games following most of the European leagues.
Predict To Win
A free online game that pays players to predict the results of soccer matches.
Prediction Premiership
League with info and links to FA premiership clubs.
PredictSoccer Competition
Offers a prediction competition based on best/worst picks; also a message board.
Premiership Prediction League
Free-to-enter prediction league. Predict the scores of Premiership Games for the chance to win.
Premiership Sharpshooters Fantasy Football
Based on the English Premier League. Compete in the main league or set up a private league between your friends. New games each January and August. Cash prizes.
Pugh-Pugh Fantasy Football
Allows users to enter the predictions, find rules, team and cup information.
Pure Fantasy Football
Fantasy soccer management with UK and European teams. Includes forums.
SCFC Predictions
Every week predict the scores of seven games set. Limited entries.
Simon's Fantasy Football League
Free to enter competition based around real players in the Barclaycard Premiership.
Simsoc Web Soccer
Internet game based on UK Premiership and Cups, requires Windows95 or higher.
SMCFA Fantasy Football
Management site which allows complete control of all team affairs.
Soccer Heroes P-B-I
Play by internet fantasy soccer game. Play against real people, pay to play, and prizes.
Summit Soccer League
Play by mail management game running since 1993. Manage your own fictitious team and win real top quality trophies and medals. Pay to play. UK based.
Sunday League
Provides a league with 16 other teams of computer and human managers. Screenshots, FAQ and help section available.
TDB Fantasy Football Premier League
Includes monthly cash prizes, league and runner-up prizes, live chat room used for cup draws, and a guestbook.
Telegraph Fantasy Football Online
Create virtual squads based on current players. Success depends on results in real-life Premiership, Division One, Champions League and Cup matches. Subscription required. Prizes for best teams.
The Gloucester FFL
Competition based on English Premier League for cash prizes. Pay-to-Play.
The Jacks Fantasy League
Fantasy football competition based on the FA Carling Premiership in England.
UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football
Free to enter fantasy soccer competition based on real life action from the UEFA Champions league.
UK Fantasy Football
Based on the UK Premiership and major european competitons. Monthly and yearly prizes, news, shopping, and competitions.
Virtual Football
Prediction game and virtual leagues. Free-to-play. In English and Arabic.
World Association Football Fantasy League
Tow separate leagues based on English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.