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Fencing 101
Guide to fencing for those new to the sport. Articles about getting started in fencing and biographies on famous fencers.
Fencing FAQ
Archive of USENET FAQs, providing an overview of the sport.
Fencing Sucks
A humorous bulletin board for posting rants and raves about the world of fencing.
Includes club listings, training drills (footwork and blade work), and general information about the sport of fencing.
Glossary of Fencing Terms
Description of actions and items used in fencing with equivalents in French.
How Stuff Works: Fencing and Fencing Equipment
Introduction to how fencing equipment operates, including the use of protective clothing and electronic scoring systems.
Rec.Sport.Fencing FAQ
Archive of the rec.sports.fencing usenet FAQ.
Video streams of US and international competitions and links to news sources.
The Fencing Forum
This bulletin board site contains a range of forums related to fencing.
You Make the Call
Offers an interactive tutorial on calling fencing action.