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Anyone for Tee?
A humourous look at the game through the eyes of the ordinary player.
Be the Ball.com
A fun view of the game. As well as jokes and favorite expressions also includes course reviews, movies and tips on etiquette.
Biomechanics of the Golf Swing
Offers links to help improve a player's game.
Parodies of the news with the theme of a private golf course in the backyard using only 3 clubs. Offbeat, PG rated.
Fred Larsen
One of America's most well known golf pros and an author of stories, anecdotes, and humor.
Golf Jokes
Hundreds of golf jokes, golfing stories and humourous golf quotes.
Golf Jokes
Collection of humorous stories about the game and its players.
Golf TV
Daily jokes and a streaming video show. Some PG rated humor.
Golflins Clan
Golf humor, those magical, mystical, and invisible creatures who test the golfer's character, or just plain mess with their shots.
GoofyDave's Golf Jokes
A collection of jokes.
Handicapping Tiger
Tongue-in-cheek suggestions of ways to restore competitive balance to the PGA tour. Example: force him to play in the rain, with extra-long copper clubs.
Lucky Pants & Other Golf Myths
Cartoons and tee shirts by Joe Kohl.
Mr. Dooley on Golf
Humorist Finley Peter Dunne's "Mr. Dooley" columns about the early days of the sport in America.
The Old Golfers humor and tips along with random thoughts.
MyersWorld Home of the Old Golfer
Golf humor, anecdotes, training tips, videos, quotes and related links.
Nick'n Liza
A series of cartoons, prints, poems and customised "hole-in-one" gifts.
No Damn Three Putts
A golf blog with some balls. For the latest golf news and interesting stories.
Specks Sports Cartoons
Cartoons for all ages featuring sports. Specks Golf Adventures cartoons book. Lots of cartoons and fun stuff. Free golf calendar for the month.
The Bogey Golfer
Columns offering a personal, tongue in cheek view of the game.
The Golfers Clubhouse
Includes trivia, jokes and quotes.
The Golfers from Hell
A site for the average hacker, contains tips, news, gallery and sarcastic views on golf from around the world.
Comedy site for golfers who are not exactly Tigers. Caddyshack, Happy, Homer and others on their game, or lack there of.