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Golf Schools
Directories, A-Game Golf Academy, A.J. Golf School, Ability Golf Academy, Advanced Golf Academy, Affordable Golf Schools, Al Frazzini's Golf School, America's Favorite Golf Schools, America's Mind Power Golf Schools, American School of Golf, American Tour Golf Schools
123 Golf Street
Tips and suggestions for improvement in free area. Psychology, nutrition, short game, long game, in subscription area.
1st Beginners Golf Swing Tips
Presents free instruction and tips for a basic swing for beginners.
A San DIego Golf Instructor - Bill Westerlund
About the instructor, lesson variables, instruction philosophy and locations in CA.
AAA Golf Tips
Free golf tips delivered weekly.
Academy Live
Online golf instruction, video library and lessons from David Leadbetter, Jim Flick, Dean Reinmuth, Jim McLean, Rick Smith, and Dave Pelz.
Alan Williamson Golf
Skeleton view of golf instruction by a British PGA member.
Alicia Allison
About the instructor and lessons in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.
All Ability Golf Instruction
Presents boot camp, programs and resources for instructors and players, all based on Homer Kelley's "The Golfing Machine."
All About Golf
Information about the instructor, golf tips, programs, books and materials, newsletter, and radio show.
Andree Martin Golf
About the instructor, lessons, clinics, seminars, services coaching, corporate outings, tips, and location in NC.
Information about membership community for developing low handicap golfers.
Barney Puttick
Information about PGA coach, philosophy, lessons, tips and location at Mid Herts Golf Club.
Basic Steps to Perfect Golf
Online, free, easy to understand, golf instruction. Full series on the basic movements of the golf swing by Phillip Gorfett.
Beginners Golf Tips - The Complete Guide To Learni
Features instruction pointers on game fundamentals, primarily for beginners.
Big Golf Lesson
Describes free 14 part mail course for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.
Bob Montello
Presents the instructor's philosophy, background, experience, testmonials, a forum, location in Pinehurst and contact information.
Bobby Ashton, PGA Golf Professional
About the professional, philosophy, programs, fees and location in Maryland.
Body Balance for Performance
Offers free consultation, program description, and articles pertaining to improving physical conditioning.
Bogart Golf
About instruction at your desktop via streamed video, with online questions and answers.
Shows the profesional's backround, instruction issues, articles, philosophy and location in Orlando, FL.
Canadian Golf Teachers Federation (CGTF)
Trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. Includes member benefits, code of ethics, testimonials, reservations, history, schedule, and contact details. A member of the World Golf Teachers Federation.
Carolina Smart Swing
About the instructor, Natural Golf approach, tuition and packages, in SC.
Casey Eberting Golf
Provides online practice and playing tips using the Ben Hogan fundamental method, offers private instruction including location, fees, and scheduling, and offers video lessons by mail.
Casto Golf
Presents instruction information, schedule of rates, and location in Ohio.
Chris Eastman Golf
About the instructor, the lessons, philosophy, fee schedule, and physical conditioning in Henderson, NV.
Chris Graham - PGA Coach
Describes Old Way New Way coaching method for habit development, clinics and individual coaching, with special attention to juniors and women.
Chuck Hogan Golf
About the author and his philosophy of instruction.
Complete Golf Coaching
Presents monthly golf tips, programmes, instruction, instructor profile and contact details in Port Douglas, Australia.
Concept Golf
Describes John Toepel's "game within you" teaching system, individual and group instruction, clinics, and speaking presentations.
Conway College Golf Prep
Gives program description, instruction format and location in TN.
Corky Par Inc.
About PGA member Corky Marcinkowski, lessons and club repair in Michigan.
Craftsmith Golf Instruction
Information, philosophy and learning products from James Smith in Houston, TX.
Craig Marshall Golf - Lever-Power-Golf in Asia Pac
About the instructor and Lever-Power-Golf, tuition, seminars and location in Singapore. (
David Eck
About the trainer and personal fitness training program for golfers in the Los Angeles and Pasadena areas.
David Gall Instruction
Presents instruction and school information, schedules, fees and statement of philosophy, in Florida.
David Mulso Golf Instruction
Gives information about the location, teacher and simplified program in Kansas City. Mo.
Davison Golf Academy
About the instructors, philosophy, local school sessions, lessons, and fees, in Michigan.
Dean Sherwood Golf Academy
About the instructor, the teaching mission, services, fees and location in England.
Doctor Swing
About golf instruction and swing analysis using submitted video clips. Registration required.
Dr. Golf's Lessons
Online description of fundamentals for learning the golf swing.
Dr. Putt
Provides online putting tips and instruction, answers to submitted questions, and training aids.
Dynamic Sports Training - Golf
Presents golf specific training hints and articles by trainers.
E-Golf Tuition
Presents on-line program and application procedure for e-mail based golfing tuition.
Eat Golf
A blog with swing thoughts and golf tips.
Egolf Group
About corporate training programs that teach how to make the deal on the golf course, staff profiles and philosophy.
Fearless Golf
About Dr. Gio Valiante's mental golf programs, research, content, research, fee structure and location in FL.
Find a Lesson
A directory of PGA/LPGA golf professionals offering private instruction, clinics, tips and playing lessons.
Find the Right Golf Instructor
Online guide for finding a reliable golf instructor.
Presents fitness training program and treatment, trainer information, tip of the month and location near Chicago.
Fitness Golfer, Inc.
About the instructor, seminars, fitness programs, research, swing analysis and testimonials.
Four Basic Golfing Styles
Four basic styles for a balanced approach to swinging, thinking, learning and playing golf.
Free Golf Info
Presents a range of golf information, including free lessons, game analysis and multimedia tips. GameTrack system for handicap.
Free Golf Tuition
Contains online instruction, tips and clues to build your game.
Gary Kent Golf School
About the professional, the programs, fees and location in Canada.
Geoff Mangum's Putting Zone
Describes the future of putting now along with tips and information on putters.
Golf 101
Golf tips, lessons, techniques, news, equipment, handicap calculator, directory of schools, instructors, instructional books and videos.
Golf Academy of Minnesota
About group and individual lessons in all weather by PGA professional Sean Bolduc in Chaska MN.
Golf Beginners FAQ
Provides instructional answers to common questions from newcomers to golf.
Golf Better Productions
John Dunigan offers online tips and new insights into the way the game is learned.
Golf Circuit Instruction
Online instruction and tips covering basics, consistency, practice, long clubs, mental game, rough, and shortgame.
Golf Dreams
Golf tips, instruction and schedule of charitable events geared to helping introduce kids to the game.
Golf Elite
About a variety of development progams involving golf.
Golf Focus Training
Information about system for focusing limited golf practice time by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
Golf for Beginners
Gives free instruction and tips for swinging and putting, etiquette, history of the game, and equipment suggestions.
Golf Guide
Offers guidance to beginners in etiquette, knowledge of the rules and how to relax before and during play.
Golf Haven
About lessons, computer and video analysis, putting area, new, used and custom clubs, repair, collectibles and accessories.
Golf In The Now
Presents Jim Williams, philosophy, instruction programs, tips and location in FL.
Golf Instruction and Tips Blog
Golf blog focuses on game improvement, instructional information, player analysis and various equipment reviews, by PGA professionals.
Golf Instruction Articles
Instruction articles archive from TravelGolf.com: World Travel and Golf Package Planner.
Golf Instruction at Pine Needles
Information on instruction and golf programs, including the Golfari, with Pat McGowan and Peggy Kirk Bell at Pine Needles.
Golf Instruction at Stanford University
Provides information about the golf teaching professionals at Stanford University golf course.
Golf Instructors
Information about instructors for golf school at Tenison Park Range.
Golf Lessons by Eric
Describes teaching philosophy, professional background, video analysis and tips from PGA instructor Eric Colchamiro in Boca Raton, FL.
Golf Lessons in British Columbia
Lists lesson opportunities by PGA professional Ron Brunelle at Cultus Lake Golf Club.
Golf Lessons Online
Describes online video lessons, tips,instruction and membership information.
Golf Life Institute
About philosophy and program for five dimensions of training for golf and life, located in Arlington VA and uses mobile units.
Golf Performance Lab
Introduces staff, services, rates and technology applied to learning the game of golf, in Laguna Hills, California.
Golf Positive
Describes and presents free online golf lessons to revitalize your golf game, in Ireland.
Golf Professional Rick Kent
Information regarding the Golf Professional Rick Kent, his instructional programs and location that he teaches at in the Grand Blanc, Michigan area.
Golf Professionals on the Web
Listing of golf professionals in your area, tips, articles and an online pro shop.
Golf Psychology Instruction
Golf psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn provides sports psychology and golf instruction for golfers and teams.
Golf Span
Golf tips, lessons, drills and instruction in streaming video.
Golf Studio
Information on golf lessons,instruction and weekend golf school for New York City area, with tips.
Golf Swing
A video download of Tiger Woods's golf swing.
Golf Swings
Presents professional swings and the "perfect swing" for comparison to your swing.
Golf tips
Gives tips for set-up, irons, driver, short game, and bunkershots.
Golf Tips and Lessons
Gives online lessons and tips for golf basics, driving, iron play, chipping, pitching, sand shots, putting, practice drills.
Golf Trainer
Exercise, fitness, training aids, equipment, lessons, swing tips and conditioning advice to improve golf performance.
Golf Tuition Onlineonline, with golf video instruc
About free PGA member tuition, advice, tips, reviews, news, mental game, fitness, coaching, feedback, worldwide.
Golf Ur Head Off
Describes how to register for instruction programs for all skill and age levels, located in northern Virginia. Special programs for disadvantaged.
Golf V. I. P.
Articles, resources, clues, hints, tips for your golf game, all online.
Golf Web Search Golf Tips
Tim Peightal popular PGA instructor in Daytona Beach Florida shares his free golf instruction tips.
Golfers Learning Center
Provides answers to golfers' questions and instructional information.
Golfing Advice
Presents free advice, tips and product reviews.
Presents locator for finding instructors along with articles and tips.
Presents the profesinal, tips, videos, newsletter,and programs, in Garden Grove CA.
A view of the professionals, training designs, programs, philosophy, video resources, and location in England.
Good Golf For Life
Present the instructors, teaching programs and fees, in Washington, DC.
Grass Roots Golf Scotland
Schedules and enrollment information for summer camps for junior golfers,10 to 17. At St. Andrews and Stirling, in Scotland.
Happiness in Golf
Melissa Whitmire offers instruction, workshops, seminars, articles and golfing tips designed to make the game more enjoyable.
Harrogate Golf Academy
Announces golf lessons in the Harrogate and Yorkshire area.
Higher Performance Golf Academy
Presents the instructor, teaching concepts, individual and corporate programs, schedules, and location in Tennessee.
Hinton Golf
About the instructor, program description, individual and group lessons, fees and philosophy based on Kelley's Golfing Machine.
Homemade Golf Swing
Free step-by-step guide to developing a good golf swing at home. Easy to understand instructions and progressive exercises.
Hook a Kid On Golf
A series of leagues and clinics geared towards teaching children the game. Site contains program details, offices listing, a kids page, and online registration.
Hydi Dixon Lessons
Introducing the instructor, schedules and fees located in Maine.
Impact Golf System
About the instructor, the golf impact program, tips and location in Vancouver BC.
Indoor Fairways
Information about the Indoor Fairway's instructional and gaming facility located in Raleigh.
Sports Psychology workshops and individual consultations.
Instinctive Golf
Information about tuition, learning programs, coaching, and philosophy of Kendall McWade in the UK.
Instruction at Purgatory Golf Club
The Golf Swing booklet that you can download to help your game.
Intergro Rehab Services is an outpatient facility, which provides physical therapy, athletic injury rehabilitation, and specializes in golf performance enhancement programs. We take the time to communicate to our patients on their care throughout their rehab stay at our facility. Each individ
Internet Golf Academy
Information for uploading student swing videos, subscribing for online, one-to-one lessons, and download area for instructor software.
Internet Golf Swing Lessons
Describes how to use quicktime or vhs to submit your swing for online help with your game.
James Latham Golf
About the instructor, tuition and contact information in Cheltenham, UK.
Jeanne Dooley's Swing Shift
Atlanta golf school with professionals using high-tech graphics to analyze proper swing, stance, and motion.
Jeri Reid's Golf Seminars
Outlines golf mental game seminar by LPGA professional.
Julie Brown LPGA PGA Teaching Professional
About LPGA / PGA instructor,Julie Brown, profile, location, and teaching program near Atlanta.
Keith Aiken Golf
Presents the instructor, program types, fees, tips, facilities and contact information in Vancouver.
Kelli Kostick's Golf Tips
Online golf tips from LPGA professional and information about her Boston golf school.
Larry Viarengo - Golf Instruction
Information about the professional, lessons, philosophy, articles, and location.
Learning to Play Golf
Dynamic approach to clarify how golf learning takes place, using a model for thinking systematically.
Lessons in Golf
Provides help with how to select and find a teacher, swing and fitness tips, registry for professional instructors.
Long Drive Instruction!
About Scott DeCandia, who has won two National Long Drive Titles, his instruction and background.
LSM Golf Instruction
About the instructor and services in Syracuse and Central New York by Linda S. Mulherin, PGA Golf Professional.
Mardell Wilkins Total Golf Academy
Presents instructor, whole game programs for all skill level and ages in CA.
Mark Smith Golf
Information on services offered by Australian PGA member in Hong Kong, including coaching, schools, club-fitting, corporate hosting, and golf society.
Mark Stokes, PGA Golf Professional
Offers a profile of the instructor and details of clinics and tuition available in Essex England.
Master Mind Golf
About the mentor, skills building program, articles and products for the mental game.
Master Your Mental Game
About hypnosis and other resources to take control of your golf game, learn mental skills, and find the zone.
MGoBlue: Golf Instruction
About instructors, progams, and facilities at Michigan U.
Mickey Walker's Virtual Golf Course
Information on corporate golf, golf schools, videos, tuition and after-dinner speaking.
Mike Hebron, PGA Master Professional
Offers information about the instructor, instruction, schools, locations, links, tips and video clips.
Mike Lucas - Dr. Golf
Presents the professional, background and philosophy of his teaching on location in Mt. Pleasant SC.
Mind Training for Golf
Online updated tips and archive for mental development pointing to a program for building mental toughness in golf and other sports.
Mind Your Golf
Introduction to golf psychology based on the Hanley Method, with references to NLP. In Northampton.
Describes innovations and processes in 4D Golf, forum, free registration and downloads.
Model Golf
Offers swing analysis online or receive instruction at one of the Model Pro centers.
Modelling Golf with NLP
Describes how to model great players' stance, swing, rhythm, breathing, balance.
Monaghan Golf Lessons
Present professional sketch, instruction philosophy, lesson schedules, fees and fitness in Vancouver area.
My Free Golf Tips and Instruction
Presents articles and tips for fitness and playing the game.
Membership information for online golf lessons by professionals using digital IT.
National Golf Coaches Association
Organization to promote participation in women?s intercollegiate golf.
Natural Golf Instruction
Presenting information on instruction options from certified Natural Golf pro, Tony Vogel, in B.C.
New Golf Psychology
Provides direction toward learning and playing golf.
Next Level Performance
Describes mental skills for improving performance in golf.
Nick Bradley Golf
About the coach, philosophy, background, and lesson structures, in the UK.
Nigel Durkin
About Australian PGA teaching professional, instruction program and tour schedule.
Nike Golf Camps
Instruction information for Juniors, Adults and Families in the US and Canada.
NLP Your Golf
About applying principles of neurolinguistic programming to golf, in UK and France.
No More Yips
Presents staff profiles, a measuring device, and schedule for investigating and removing yips.
Offense Defense Golf Camp
Describes 2002 junior golf camp dates, registration and program at Winchendon School in Massachusetts.
On Line Golf Training with Bill Tate
About the instructor, program approach and sign-up, using submitted video.
On the Green with Bill Breen
Presents variety of lesson programs, philosophy, professional sketch and location in Nashville, TN.
One Plane Golf Swing
About the differences in the one and two plane golf swings, the instructor and philosophy.
Online Golf Clinic
Provides free lessons and tips for beginner and intermediate golfers.
Online Golf Lessons
Describes online golf lessons by subscription, with one free lesson.
Par Golf Camps
Information about 2002 golf instruction camps for juniors and adults in Canada. Dates, locations and program descriptions.
Pat Dorgan:Golf Professional
About the professional, teaching philosophy, rates and location in Chicago.
Patti Butcher Golf Enterprises
About the professional, teaching programs, schools and an academy. In Michigan and The Dominican Republic.
Paul Wilson Golf
Paul Wilson compares the swing of a Pro to that of the Iron Byron club testing machine.
Perry Andrisen Golf School
About the professional, instruction philosophy, junior programs, lessons, books and location in San Ramon, CA.
PGA Golf Instruction at Golf Country
Outline of Michigan PGA golf instruction with Peter Croker method. Also pointers about custom club fitting and repair.
PGA Professional
Golf tips, articles and 'Ask the Pro,' plus information on other resources and services.
PGA Resource Center for Disabilities
Directory of resources and programs for players with diasabilities.
About the professional, his credentials, articles and lesson availability in Texas.
Play Florida Golf
Partial list of Florida golf instructors.
Positive Course Mental Golf Training
Offers a positive means of blending self-understanding and attention skills into improved golfing performance, with tips.
Private Golf Training
Describes programs of the Players Academy, emphasizing one-on-one instruction. In southwest Florida.
Pro Golf Instruction
Contains teacher profile of Michele Dube', monthly tip, video clips of students and pros, lesson information and opportunities at Tijeras Creek course in California.
ProbableGolf Instruction
Presents multilingual content relating physics and math to golf, free tips for playing and scientific research results.
Professional Golf Instructor
Information and tips for improving playing and practice through submitted video review.
Professional Golf Teachers Association of America
Information and program highlights for becoming a certified golf teacher.
About the professional and video enhanced lessons given at your home in UK.
Putt Magic
Presents natural putting technique online for a tested 68% improvement.
Quick Fix Golf
Free professional tips, instruction and survey data for the weekend golfer.
Randalls Island Golf School
About the programs, lesson schedules and the professionals in NYC.
Randle Golf
About instructors John and Lori Randle, instruction programs, facility, articles, tips and location in Victoria, BC.
Richard Clarke
About master professional and his Golf School in Portumna, Co Galway.
Sarah Claridge, LPGA
Describes the teaching programs of a professional based in Bristol, England. Gives individual, group and corporate information.
Scott Mayer - Professional
Information about the instructor, online tips, books, video, schedule of services and fees, and location.
Scott Richards, Teaching Professional
About the instructor, individual and group lessons, mental game, fees and location in the UK.
Scott Sadler's Instruction
Describes lessons, fees and schedules available at Diversey Driving Range, Chicago, IL. by PGA Pro.
Seattle Golf Instruction
About the instructor, program outlines, fees and location.
Simple Golf Instruction
Swing and mental game instruction. No technical jargon. Free weekly newsletter.
About the coach, mental training, nutrition, health and references.
Smart Golf
Presents instruction and tips for lower scores.
Star Golf Fitness Trainers
About fitness, strength and flexibility tips, the trainer and location in CA.
Describes lessons, events, locations, fees, and schedules especially designed for beginners in northwest England.
Storm Golf
Covers short, mental, long game, and swing analysis, with available book by Storm Gleim.
Swing for a Lifetime
Presents the contents of a free on-line golf book about the golf swing.
Swing Improvement
Gives illustrations of video swing analysis, tips and general lesson information from PGA member, Neil Wilkins.
Swing Medic
Subscription and registration information for online analysis and instruction based on submitted swing videos. Swing is compared to tour professionals.
Switched-On Golf
Points to the Brain Gym program aimed at focus, concentration, positive thinking, and emotions in golf.
The Bob Benning School of Golf
About levels of instruction for all ages, instructor's background, junior and corporate programs and location in Virginia.
The Golf Academy
Describes programs, instructor profiles, lessons, prices and location.
The Golf Doctor
Shows free tips for grip, swing, driver, putter and for beginners, with basic fundamentals.
The Golf Range
Golf advice from professionals. Also, equipment available online.
The Golfing Machine
Homer Kelley's computer age approach to golf.
The Gotta Golf Academy
About lessons, junior and ladies clinics, specials, facilities, schedules and location in Canada.
The L.A.W.s of Golf
About Mike Adams, teaching philosophy for amateurs and professionals, and locations.
The Lord of Golf Swing Training
About the teacher, tips, newsletter, free book download, short route to learning.
The Net Golf Academy
Presents multiple instruction formats, instructor, and golf range location in GA.
The Perfect Impact
Information about the instructor, and programs covering the swing, putting, chipping, driving, self and course management.
The Pot Bunker
Online instruction for bunker play and putting, with clinic schedule, by PGA professional at Wyndemere Country Club, Naples FL.
The Senior Golfer's Winning Secrets
Presents a blog for instruction on winning golf for seniors, along with information about the author.
The Sussex Golf Academy
Provides information about golf tuition for all ages and skill levels, based near Worthing in Sussex.
Tina Clahane
Presents the instructor and programs especially for womens golf, using video instruction.
Tom's Golf Tips
Collection of tips from many sources,listed according to phases of the golf swing and game.
Torrey Pines Golf Instruction
About personal instruction, clinics, schedules and fees from touring Nike Tour champion Chris Starkjohann.
Total Body Golf
Presents fitness programs, articles, consultation and evaluation with personal trainer.
Total Golf Academy
Online tips and information concerning instruction and school in Myrtle Beach, with Mel Sole.
TP Golf Online
Gives online golf tips, drills, instruction, course management and common rules.
About the professional, tuition, and location in Surrey England
Two Putt
Presents purchase information for aid to effective putting.
United States Golf Teachers Federation
Has over 10,000 members representing every state in the U.S.
USNTA Certification Program
Describes a government-regulated program for golf instructor certification. Information about registration, membership and post-completion placement.
Vicki Aitken Sport Psychologist
About consultant on the Ladies European Tour, psychology articles, tour reports, programs and schedules for UK and NZ.
Video Sports Learning Systems
Information on golf and other sports, with special attention to using video with Callaway fitting system.
Vision Training for Golf
About how eyesight affects your golf game, with tests, tips and testimonials.
Warren Bottke Golf
Instruction information for juniors, adults, families and corporations in the US and Canada.
World Golf Teachers Federation
Founded in 1989. The WGTF is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 12,000 members representing nations in 62 nations.
World of Golf Handicap
Site discusses ways and means of lowering playing handicaps, with tips and hints.
Wright Swing
About using virtual golf simulators for both instructional and recreational purposes with PGA assistance, in London.
Presents the professional. teaching philosophy, programs and fees, in San Diego, CA.
Yoga for Golf
About Peggy Brigham's programs, classes, definitions reviews, expectations and location in Ontario.
About combining yoga and golf, clinics, links to articles, instructor profiles and corporate conferences.
Your Golf Fitness Coach
About improving flexibility and strength. Includes articles, discussion forum, online programs, and location.
About the instructor, lessons, clinics, fees and location in West Michigan.
Zone Strategies in Golf
About mental training for golfers on how to find and use the flow state of golf.