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Archery Golf Systems
Project for sporting entertainment: combines golf, archery and outdoor walks. Principles, reviews and facilities are aptly demonstrated.
Belgium Danball
A street ball game played by two teams, each with three or more players. Information and rules.
Brooklyn Kickball
Recreational league for New York City Metro area residents.
Chicago Dodge Ball
Chicago's very own host for organized, monthly dodge ball tournaments.
The site describes how to play crossball. Crossball is the combination of lacrosse and baseball. It is played on a baseball diamond.
DePaul Dodgeball
The Official site of the DePaul Dodgeball Society.
Dodgeball Canada
Official site allows you to sign up, check league rankings, or join the mailing list for news updates.
Dodgeball leagues in Oregon
Dodgeball leagues league information for Portland, Oregon. Find out dates, rankings, and sign up information.
Dodgeballer.com: An online dodgeball community
An online community for dodgeballers, by dodgeballers, where people meet to share information and ideas about the sport of dodgeball.
Dodging Illini
University of Illinois dodgeball team website. Rules, information, and picture's.
A ball with elastic connected and a strap that has velcro attached. Wrap the strap around the wrist and bounce and catch. How to make one, news, top 3 tips, guest book, and the champions.
Flair Bartenders Association
The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to help foster new participants.
Freeze Tag Basketball
A form of basketball where select players can "freeze" other players. Contains a listing of rules amd biographical information about the creators.
IKSA - International Kicksled and Scooter Associat
Governing body for kicksled sports offers events calendar, including European events and World Cup, rules and regulations, photo gallery, FAQs, and contacts.
Impact Athletics
Dodgeball league in New York. Located on long island.
International DodgeBall Federation
The IDBF was founded in 1998 to promote and organize the sport. Rules, products, and tournament information. Official site.
International Slaughterball Federation
Results, pictures and music from the world championships.
Kicksled Primer
Introduction to kicksledding and different sled models. Summer kicking devices also included.
Offers Kickball and Whiffleball leagues to adults and kids located on Long Island, NY. Spring and Summer leagues.
Major League Squeegee
The first international squeegee league, founded and located in San Luis Obispo, California. The site for this baseball-like game contains its rule book; a hits demo; history; player profiles, statistics, records and photos; schedules and news.
Michigan State Dodgeball
Michigan State University's Dodgeball website. Provides news, pictures, rules, and injury lists.
Milwaukee Capture the Flag
Includes upcoming game times, field descriptions, links to other cities and news updates.
MUSA - Midwestern Unconventional Sports Associatio
The MUSA official website, offers rules, regulations, league and division standings for Kickball and Dodgeball. Find out if there's a league near you.
National Amatuer Dodgeball Association
NADA official website. League information, tournament dates and more.
OSU Dodgeball
Ohio State University's dodgeball team website. News, forums, pictures, and rules.
A hybrid and team sport, combing elements of Football (American), rugby, and a little soccer. Offers rules and regulations, playing field diagrams, rules and passing examples, and game variations, such as Scuffle 7's (7-on-7 scuffleball) Flag Scuffleball, and Flag Scuffle 7's.
SlamBall at AllSports.com
News, teams, articles, players, and links.
Slamball on TNN
The rules of Slamball, lineups for all six teams, schedule for regular season and postseason, and standings.
News, entertainment, links, and a message board. An extreme sport involving a mixture of basketball and other sports with trampolines.
Slaughterball World Championships
All the facts and statistics about teams and players in the championships.
Snoochie Boochies, The
Washington, DC based kickball team site. Offering kickball statistics and information on the team.
St. Louis Kickball Association
The official site of the adult coed recreational kickball league of St. Louis, Missouri. News, rules, tournaments, schedules, photographs, and links.
An Australian street game played by two teams each with three or more players. Rules, schedules, teams, players, results, leagues, and history.
Super Secret Kickball Society
Information, photographs, game summaries, roster, and rules about the society at Ohio University.
The Goonies
The Goonies play kickball in the World Adult Kickball Association. Schedule, pictures, locations, links, and history. Members of the DC Rock Creek Division, Washington, DC, USA.
Throw Bowling
A game that involves throwing a ball against a wall. Lessons, coaching, courts, contact, tournaments, and a poll.
Toccer Players Association
The governing body for the sport of toccer worldwide.
Volotennis is a paddle sport that blends elements from tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball. Description of the sport, rules for play, equipment links.
Welcome to the Asphip Sports
The official site for a brand new sport nemaed "Asphip". Asphip is a combination of many sports.
World Adult Kickball Association
Promoting the sport of kickball with rules, teams, and tournament schedules. Official site.
World Cup Stacking Association
Participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequences. This organization promotes the standardization and advancement of the sport worldwide. Includes news, rules, event list, records, results, and related links.
World Dowling Association
A stick game for two players, requiring a 400 foot track. Rules, terminology, league, standings, and history.
World Roofy Roofy Association
Sanctions the sport of roof soccer. News, tour information, club links, and a guestbook.
Xenon's Xexnonball
Includes rules, field layout, photo of trophy, and details about the World Xenonball Championships to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
A game played with a regulation ball and a grid. Rules, members, events, statistics, and downloads.