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American Birling Association
Created to promote log rolling, boom running, and river rafting, it is the best source of information for lumberjack water sports.
American Lumberjack Association
A group of sportsmen and women dedicated to furthering, upgrading, and standardizing timbersports.
Aurora Country Festival Lumberjack Competition
A multi-event competition with a map, past results, pictures from past events, and a description of the various events.
Australian Axemans Hall of Fame
Latrobe, Tasmania. An educational and tourist venue with woodchopping demonstration events and timber industry information.
Fred Scheer's Lumberjack Show
Shows in Hayward and Woodruff, Wisconsin, plus touring shows available for events.
Lumberjack Alley
Offers brief summaries of common events, how to play, and host an event.
Lumberjack Days
Held in July on the beautiful St. Croix River.
Lumberjack Entertainment And Timbersports Guide
Information on lumberjack contests, shows, world records and competition equipment.
Lumberjack World Championships
The Lumberjack World Championships is an annual event in Hayward, WI. It includes some spectacular competition, including chopping, sawing, tree climbing, and logrolling.
Lumberjack's Challenge Television - TSN, OLN
Competing for prize money in springboard chopping, pole climbing, double bucking, log birling, it hosts fierce lumberjack competition.
Minden Ontario Lumber Jack Competitions
Annual Canadian event in June. Includes event list, schedule, and contact details.
NYS Woodsmen's Field Days Lumberjack Contest
NYS Woodsmen's Field Days
Orofino, Idaho Lumberjack Days,
Orofino, Idaho, Clearwater County fair and Lumberjack Days celebration.
Rob Scheer's Lumberjack Sports International
The most widely televised lumberjack productions, Rob Scheer's Ironjack Shows have been featured on ABC's Wide World of Sports, TNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel's The Travelers, MTV, the Family Channel, and, most recently as 20 half-hour programs on the Outdoor Life Network.
Stihl Timbersports Series
Provides past results, a list of contestants with biographies, a schedule of events, and a themed screensaver.
United States Axemens Association
Anything you want to know about Lumberjack and Timber Sports - Rules, events, competitor rankings and world records.
USAA Pole Climbing
Describes the sport, rules, and event index.
World Poleclimbing Association
Describes the sport and includes rules, news, events, gallery and world rankings.
Worlds Fastest Chainsaw
The fastest chainsaw on earth.