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AM Archive - Blind Judo Champion, Judo for Blind Athletes, Martial Arts for the Disabled Through my Eyes
American Martial Arts Association of the Deaf, International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf
Attention Deficit Disorder in the Dojang
Paper by Diana Dunlap, PhD on the positive aspects of martial arts training for ADD children.
FightingArts.com - Martial Arts and the Disabled
Several articles on teaching, personal experiences and techniques.
International Disabled Self Defense Association
A non-profit organization which features news, events, FAQs, seminars, links, products, and contact information.
Kan-Do Karate
An Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to the Advancement of Martial Arts for the Special Individual. Contains organizational information, contact information, current activities, articles, news reports, and an 'In Appreciation' section.
Terry Taylor Organisation
Programmes for people with disabilities primarily in the martial arts. Other disability programs available.