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Modern Arnis
Bellevue Martial Arts Academy, International Modern Arnis Federation Inc., International Philippino Martial Arts Academy, Kicks and Sticks Martial Arts Studio, Modern Arnis Arhus, Modern Arnis New Zealand, Modern Arnis of Ohio, Philippine Martial Art Society, Remy Presas - The Legend Lives, Remy Presas International Modern Arnis Federation
American Maharlika Kuntaw Association, Bakbakan International, Bergamo's Martial Arts, Filipino Combat Systems, International Kuntaw Federation, Kombatan, Modern Arnis Association, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Manila Pitbulls, Sinkatan-Arnis Estrella Federation
Schools and Instruction
American Kali Systems, Arnis Balite, Balintawak Arnis, Brentwood Self-Defense Academy, Capital Doce Pares, Combative Alliance Stickfighters, Comjuka-Kali Systems - Filipino-American School of, Common Sense Self Defense Northwest, Datu Kely Worden's Natural Spirit Internation, Doce Pares Eskrima Europe
Serrada Escrima
Angel's Disciples Escrima Association, International Serrada Eskrima Society, Khalid Khan's Historical Photos of Serrada Es, Ko Mu Do Kwan, Philippine Martial Arts Instructorship
Techniques for the butterfly knife for the beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner. Includes tips and tricks, message board, video clips and links.
Black Eagle Eskrima
Information on the different Filipino fighting arts. Also articles, techniques, lineage and history, martial arts news, instructor listings and monthly mailing list.
Eskrima Digest Mailing List
E-mail discussion group for all Filipino martial arts. Includes searchable back issues, FAQ, links, and general information.
Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima
Details on the style and biography of the founder.
Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
Online resource containing school directories, who's who, techniques, gallery and general information.
FMA Directory
A directory of schools, instructors, organizations, and resources.
MartialTalk.Com - Filipino Martial Arts
Active forum that includes general and Modern Arnis section.
The Filipino Martial Arts
FAQs written by Bill Cox and Ray Terry.
The Pinoy Eskrima Arnis Kali Mailing List
List containing informative articles for practitioners of Filipino martial arts. Includes FAQs, instructors, mirrors and links.
Details Sayas Lastra Largo Mano Arnis. Includes history, links and contact information.