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Croatia Open - International Kickboxing Tournament, Heavy Weight Gladiators, International Kickboxing Federation, Kickboxing World Championship
Adam Rogers / Narayan Stitt, Blackkobra.com, Kobus Huisamen, Marvin Perry, Marvino Hawks, Master Eddie Butcher, Nizar Taleb, Thunder The Man The Myth The Legend
Muay Thai
Chats and Forums, Fighters, Schools and Instruction, Belgium Muay Thai Federation, Danish Muay Thai Federation, Muay Thai Cyber, Muay Thai Online, Petch YinDee International Muay Thai Boxing Camp, The Art of Muay Thai, UK Muay Thai, World Muay Thai Council
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AX Message Board, Fight.ro: Contact Sports of Romania, Kickboxing News Daily, Kickboxingworld.com, Martial Arts Magazine News
Allstyles Kickboxing Association of Ireland, International Kickboxing Sport Association, International Sport Karate Association, United States Kickboxing Association, United States Muay Thai Association Inc, Univeral Kickboxing Organization, World Association of Kickboxing Organisations, World Kickboxing Association, World Kickboxing Federation, World Kickboxing League
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Paul Cavka's Photo Deep Kickboxing Site, Ramin Abtin's Kickboxing Page, The Ninja-Bob Website
Schools and Instruction
Europe, North America, Oceania, Eddie Monger Thunder Kickboxing
Finney's Championship Kickboxing
Information on kickboxing, boxing, ground fighting and women's self defense. Includes fighters, events, news, store, contact details and links.
Jee-Pai Kung-Fu and Kickboxing
Lists style information, instructors, gallery, times and venue and links. Based in Worthing, West Sussex.
Schools, photos, links, chat, software and related information.
The Ring - Ringul
Features articles on training, rules, and related information. Affiliate of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. [English, Romanian]