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MartialTalk.Com - Russian Martial Arts, Russian Martial Art Web Board
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Creation of Sambo, Matthew Clempner UK ROSS
European Russian Martial Arts Association, Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Rmax Productions, St. Petersburg Student Association for Sambo, United Federation of Russian Sambo, World Combat Sambo Club
Schools and Instruction
Club Kozak, Coach Bruce Gabrielson's Sambo/Sombo Web Site, Gokor Combat Grappling, Oleg Taktarov, Pacific Coast Systema, Reston VA Institute for Self-Defense and Sport, Sambo Club, Sambo Club Sprint, ScotRoss, Stars N Stripes Wrestling
American Sambo.com
Featuring street Sambo that optimizes grappling for self defense and sport Sambo. FAQs, events, articles and training.
History of Russian Martial Arts
An introductory article on the history and details on this style.