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Caribbean Track and Field Forum
This site exists to facilitate discussion on championship prospects for caribbean athletes.
Offers sections pertaining to different ways of training for different levels of runners and special interest groups.
A running forum and regular scheduled chats 8:00 ET Mondays and Wednesdays.
Injury Free Running - Pose Tech Forum
Mission Statement: Bring to the worldwide running community the highest quality running education to reduce running related injuries and to increase the performance quality of runners at all levels.
Marathon Guide
Many categories for discussions related to marathon running.
Popular forums from a website that is centralized around its database of links to other running websites. You have to become a member if you want to post anything.
This is a forum that constantly refreshes so that you can see what is currently being posted. There are scheduled chats you can find out about by sending an email to the webmaster.
These forums branch out of the world of running a little and also cover triathlon and multi-sport activities.
Running Network
This is a general running forum. Random running topics are actively discussed here.
Sub10 Discussion Forum
A discussion forum for 60m and 100m sprinters. It has a threaded view and regular posts.
International forum for talk on "Track and Field" events and issues.