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Bob's Trick Tips
Extensive list of tricks with instructions and videos. Includes articles, product and park reviews.
How to Skateboard
Information on how to skateboard with step by step instructions and pictures.
Links to skateboard manufacturer's products.
Skateboard - Shillington, PA
Includes everything for the beginner to an expert skater.
Skateboard City
Offers trick tips with videos, message board, reviews, articles, ramp plans, logo apparel, and related links.
Skateboard Science
Developed by the Exploratorium to uncover the science of this dynamic sport. Learn the underlying physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips and the manufacturing process involved in making a modern skateboard.
Skateboard UK
Contains information, trick tips, mail, ramp plans, music, pictures, photos, animations, and movies.
The comprehensive source for skateboarding information.
Up to the hour news on the skateboarding industry. Hand picked articles by skate experts. Reviews of over 50 California skateparks.
Features photos, trick tips, articles and directory of links.
Image gallery of vintage skateboard and skateboarding related memorabilia. Actual collection can be seen at Skatelab Skatepark in Simi Valley in Los Angeles, California.
Spy Hill Skates
Display of vintage skateboards and accessories. Most items are in mint condition. Interviews with old school skaters.