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American Powerlifting Association, American Powerlifting Federation, Ball State Powerlifting, British Amateur Weight Lifting Association, British Amateur Weightlifter's Association, California Powerlifting, Canadian Drug Free Powerlifting Association, Canadian Powerlifting Union, Carolina Powerlifting, Council of Australian Powerlifting Organisations
132 Pound Powerlifter Jennifer Thompson, Andy Anderson, Bill Crawford, Fred Hatfield, Gene "The Machine" Bell, Ielja Strik, Jill Mills, Julie Havelka, Julie Scanlon, KarenSizemore.com
Doug Daniels' Power Page, Fred Hatfield's Page, Power-Matrix, Russian Kettlebell Fitness.com
Bench Wars
A special strength building course on the Powerlift and Bodybuilding exercise, Bench Press. History and performance factors.
Colorado NASA Powerlifting
Includes upcoming meets, and state results.
An online magazine for powerlifters, by powerlifters. Includes training articles, nutritional information, events calendar, nutritional supplements, and sport related.
Gibson Powerlifting
Advice on training, video, forums, and suits for sale.
Powerlifting and olympic weightlifting forums, tips, and other resources. Currently undergoing reconstruction.
Joes gym powerlifting
Home gym powerlifting. Pictures and videos of training and meets.
Natural Powerlifting
Powerlifting and olympic weightlifting training for natural athletes. Contains links, records, and other resources.
Page of Power
Powerlifting records, rankings, and rules. Some useful calculators and formulas. Message board, photos, and links.
Gateway to powerlifting information on the web. Up-to-date information and links.
Scottish Powerlifting
Features results and information on powerlifting in Scotland, with related links.
Seguin Fitness
A fitness facility in south Texas specializing in powerlifting equipment and meet promotions for the U.S.P.F. and A.P.F.
South Carolina Powerlifting
Powerlifting site with information about Westside Barbell Training. Pictures, and forums.
Strength and Power Digest
Weightlifting workout information.
Strength Online
Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Stongman training. Descriptions and video clips of proper lifting technique.
A grip strength website listing all UK grip events, results and records.
University of Queensland Powerlifting and Weightli
Established for over 20 years. Dedicated training facilities for powerlifters (squat, bench press, deadlift)and olympic weightlifters situated at the University of Qld campus St Lucia. Membership open to students and general public.
Vegan Bodybuilding
Pat Reeves has not only won countless British powerlifting titles, but is also a raw-food vegan who has used diet to overcome both osteoporosis and cancer using diet to not only overcome her conditions, but become a champion.
Washington State University Strength and Condition
Includes program information including staff, photos of the weight room and athletes lifting, as well as research summaries and pertinent articles.