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Canadian Federation of Strength Athletics, Manitoba Association of Strength Athletics, North American Strongman Society, U.S. All-Round Weightlifting Association, United States ArmSports
Britains Strongest Man 2002, Geoff Dolan, Hugo Girard, Jorma Paananen - Strongman, Ontario Strongman, Phil Pfister - America's Strongest Man, Pure Viking Power, Sandow: Historic Photographs of Early Bodybuilders, Strongman Joel, Travis Lyndon
Azalea Festival Strongman Challenge
[Norfolk, Virginia, US] News, results and photos from the festival.
Heavy Sports
Devoted to strongman and strongwoman links for news, contests, results, events, and profiles.
Dedicated to promoting strongman competitions in North America. Championships results, photos and link.
Samson Power
News, contest coverage, upcoming events, articles, products and message board.
Strong, Big, and Smart
Provides training information for drug-free strength athletes who are interested in strongman, powerlifting, and all-round competition.
Strongman FAQ
Frequently asked questions about strongman competitions by Tapio Ojanaho.