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All Pro Training
Advice on training, nutrition, and supplements. Online professional health and fitness coach providing advice and instruction.
Benefits of Strength Training
List describing 10 benefits of strength training.
Bob Whelan's Natural Strength
Informative articles and tips for strength training.
Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center
Provides athletic enhancement programs for competitive athletes, teams, and coaches. Integrates strength training, sport psychology, and sports medicine for complete development. Training professional, collegiate, and junior athletes.
Brad's Weight Lifting Page
Contains information on different types of lifts for all bodyparts, weightlifting charts, and sample programs.
Defrancos Training
Information on strength training, speed training, nutrition, and flexibility for highschool, college, and pro athletes.
Dinosaur Training
Alternative hardcore training books, videos, and newsletters. Products, information, and tips for powerlifters, olympic lifters, bodybuilders, and strongmen.
Elite Athlete Training Systems
Information on sports specific training for athletes of all ages, high school to professional. Also post-rehabilitation and fitness programs.
Weight training and kinesiology reference with many animated weight training exercises, stretches, plyometric movements, and illustrated muscles.
Customized workouts for beginners.
Sports training programs focusing on the mind as well as the body.
Innovative Sports Training
Site describes a real-time 3D motion capture system designed for use in medical research, clinical applications, and sports medicine labs.
Integrated Sport Solutions
Information and resources on physical preparation strategies for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
International Weightlifting Association
Offers courses for Weight Training Certification, Strength Training Program Design Certification, and Introduction to Pilates.
Jeff's Weightlifting
Information of nutrition, body weigh charts, and work-out examples.
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NS
Supports and disseminates research based knowledge to improve athletic performance and fitness.
Optimum Performance Specials
Specializing in the sports performance training of elite athletes. Based in Ottawa, Canada. Training philosophy, program details, client spotlights, and testimonials are included.
Performance Health Technologies
Revolutionizing healing, recovery and performance training.
Psycho Training
Information on the psycho training method for building muscle and strength.
Sports Coach
Explanation of why to weight train and what it does.
Sports Fitness Advisor
Programs and articles for different performance outcomes. From sport-specific strength training to bodybuilding, circuit training, and plyometrics.
Sports Speed, Etc.
Specializes in strength, agility, speed, resistance, and endurance training clinics and programs.
Strength and Conditioning Information for Coaches
The source for Strength and Conditioning information for High School and College Coaches. Coach William Hicks has nearly 20 years of experience in developing faster, stronger, more powerful athletes.
Strength Training
Informative article discussing strength training for women of all ages and fitness levels.
Strength Training - HealthWorld Online
Links to many articles and studies about strength training for young and old.
Strength Training for Women
Informative article on the benefits of strength training for women.
Source of informatiuon on fitness, nutrition, and strength training for athletes.
The powerlifters, fitness, nutrition, and athletes strength training source.
StrengthCats Home Page
Articles, workouts, strength training tools, and surveys.
Group that discusses the theory and practice of sports science, biomechanics, physiology, medicine and psychology in sport, fitness and general health.
The Fit Zone
Offers extensive health and fitness related information for free. Includes library with many informative articles.
University of Oregon Strength and Conditioning
News and updates, facilities, team records, and training information.
Weight Training Center
Weight training information and methods for aggressive bodybuilders, with a free coaching-newsletter.
A community for fitness and health enthusiasts.