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Mush Maritimes - Dogsled and Skijor Club
Provides an FAQ for beginners in the sport of skijoring.
North American Ski Joring Association (NASJA)
Develops criteria that all NASJA sanctioned ski joring events abide by to determine National equestrian skijoring championships.
Olympic Museum: Demonstration Sports, 1928
Skijoring event at the 1928 Winter Games, including photograph.
Covers the basics of skijoring: equipment and accessories, dog command training, racing advice and local club listings.
If you have a big, healthy dog, a pair of cross-country skis, and a good attitude, you've got what it takes to get into Skijoring. The North American Skijoring and Ski Pulk Association site.
Snow Motion Winter Dog Sports Club of Manitoba
Winter dog sports club in Manitoba for people who ski-jor, kick sled and recreational dog sled with their pets.