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Crescent Moon, Snowshoes Online
La Vache Qui Ride
Information about snowshoeing in the French Alps.
Perkinstown Tramp Snowshoe Race
Annual race held in January at Perkinstown, Wisconsin. Events include 5 and 10 kilometer events for men and women and activities for kids.
Provides tips and information on showshoeing including materials, techniques, choosing your equipment, and where to go.
Snow Shoeing at Hiker Central
Links to business and informational sites about snowshoeing.
Snowshoe Central
Includes information about history, gear, and destinations.
Snowshoeing the Superior Hiking Trail
Describes three hikes on the Superior Hiking Trail. Includes pictures, links to maps, and lodging information.
Tubbs Trailnet
Searchable database and resource for snowshoe trails around the world, with comprehensive information for every ability.
United States Snowshoe Association
The governing body for snowshoe racing in the United States. Dedicated to promoting the sport with the ultimate goal of inclusion in the Olympic Winter Games.
Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing
Tips, techniques, and gear advice.