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About Cornish Wrestling, Cornish Association of Victoria: Cornish Wrestling, Cornish Wrestling Association, Early Cornish Wrestling
The Gripping History of Glima
Turkish oil wrestling, Turkish Oilwrestling
Ranggeln: Austrian Wrestling
Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club, West Coast Swiss Wrestling Association
Scottish Backhold
Scottish Backhold Wrestling and Rob Roy, The Scottish Wrestling Bond
Laamb: Traditional Wrestling
A traditional sport in Senegal features its history and style.
The Sports Historian: Cumberland and Westmorland
Published in the (Volume 21, 1) May 2001 edition of The Sports Historian, entitled "Cumberland and Westmorland The Regular Re-Invention of Sporting Tradition and Identity: Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling c.1800-20001" by Mike Huggins, St Martin's College, Ambleside