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#TGGUIDE - Transgender Chat Room, Central Alabama USATG, Emergence: Resources for Christian Transsexuals, Family GID Bulletin Board, GID Bulletin Board, GID Chat, Nuttycats Support Forums, Susan's Place Chat, The Transgender Boards, The Transgender Boards
ABGender, AltSex:Transgender, Anna's Transgender and Transsexual Links, Crissy Wild's Transgender Library, Drag Link, FemDirectory, Miss Kitty's Longbranch Saloon, Pridenet: Transgender Resources, Rachel's Place, Rainbow Query: Search the Queer Internet for Trans
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Regional Lists, Ducati, Gender, Gendercomplex, In-Between-Days, MPD and Gender, SmartGroups.com - Transgendered, Tg and Admirers, TG-RPG, Transgen, Transgender
Butch Femme Network
Serving the needs of Butches, Femmes, Transgendered men and women around the world, includes vast online resources.
TGland A transgender Community
Articles, resources, chatrooms with multi-lingual support, free 20mb websites with PoP3 mail box.
Search engine, chat rooms, message boards, shopping, feminine newsletters and opportunities.
Transgender Crossroads - News and Views from the M
Directory searchable by state or category, free web-based email, discussion forums, newsletters, and calendar of upcoming events.