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Regional Lists
Alamo Boyz, BABOYZ, Borderbandits-IA, Chgoareatrans, CT_TV-TS-TG-CD, Forum for Athenas Assistance, FTM-UK, Gender Express, indian_transgendered, Klinefelter Syndrome subjects, in the United Kingd
Transvestite and transgendered list.
Support, discussion, and information about transgender issues. Connected with lambda.org.
To educate, discuss issues, and provide support for people who 'reserve their right to be complex' about gender.
Discussions focussing more on gender ambiguity than on gender correction.
MPD and Gender
This is a list dealing with gender issues of all sorts for all multiples (mpd/did), their family, friends, SO's and other supporters.
SmartGroups.com - Transgendered
For all CDs, TVs and TSs looking for a meeting place.
Tg and Admirers
Transgender and their admirers. Place where people can meet.
Transgender role playing games featuring ongoing text-interactive games like "Invasion of the Hooters" and "MUDD-Wrestling" and "Spellbound in the 70s". Moderated by LainieLee.
Large listserv for transsexuals and transvestites.
Mailing list is for anyone interested in transgender issues.
List for both men and women to share experiences and thoughts. People who have lived in each other's shoes and should be able to help one another over some of the rough spots of transitioning.