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Associations and Societies
Afri Oceans Conservation Alliance, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (AS, ANalyse Educatie en Marien Oecologisch ONderzoek (, Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Cl, Association of Marine Scientific Industries, Association of Marine Scientists (AMS), Australian Marine Sciences Association, Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Societ, British Marine Life Study Society, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
100 Years of Science under ICES. Helsinki, Finland, 10th International Congress on Marine Corrosion an, 12th Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon, US., 13th International Symposium on Unmanned Untethere, 1996 Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, California, 1998 Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, California, 1st International Conference of the Coastal Networ, 1st International Coral Reef Conference, Paris, Fr, 2001 : An Ocean Odyssey. Mar del Plata, Argentina,, 2002 ICES Annual Science Conference and Centenary,
Data and Information Resources
A World We Don't Know, Academic Info on Oceanography, Argo Information Center, Aviso Altimetry, Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & , Coastal Guide to Europe, Coastal Plaza - European, Coastlearn, DIY Hydrophones., eSeFDee - Marine Sciences Portal
Data Centers
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany
An A to Z of Oceanography Textbooks., Applied Ocean Research, Archive of Fishery and Marine Research, Atmosphere-Ocean, Botanica Marina, Bulletin of Marine Science, Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, Coastal Management Journal, Continental Shelf Research
BUBL Information Service, 551.46 Oceanography, Center For Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (C, Dalhousie University, Dalhousie University, Department of Environmental & Ocean Engineerin, Environmental Science Archives, Fisheries and Oceanography Library, University of , Indian Ocean Rim Region : Virtual Library, Institute of Ocean Sciences Library, Fisheries and, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) E
Alex Hay, Physical Oceanographer, Angelopoulos G. Christos, Oceanographer, Anna Metaxas, Biological Oceanographer, Barry Ruddick, Physical Oceanographer, Bart Grasmeijer, Oceanographic Modeller, Bernard Boudreau, Chemical Oceanographer, Chris Beaumont, Geological Oceanographer, Christopher Taggart, Fisheries Oceanographer, Cousteau, Jacques, Dan Kelley, Physical Oceanographer
Products and Services
Consultants, Instruments, Software, Supplies, Vessel Services
@ Sea, Acoustic Monitoring of the Ocean Climate in the Ar, Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate (ATOC), Adriatic Dolphin Project (ADP), Air Sea GAS EXchange MAGE (ASGAMAGE), Antarctic Circumpolar Current Levels by Altimetry , Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS), Argo Project, Atlantic Data Base for Exchange Processes at the D, Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT)
NOAA: Marine Geology and Geophysics
Images offered by the National Geophysical Data Center. Includes graphic interpretations of sediment thickness of the ocean floor and and topography of the sea bed.