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Alex Hay, Physical Oceanographer
Researcher in acoustical oceanography, sediment dynamics and nearshore and coastal processes.
Angelopoulos G. Christos, Oceanographer
Ph.D. student in oceanography studying in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Main interests are coastal sediment transport, hydrodynamics and geophysics.
Anna Metaxas, Biological Oceanographer
Benthic ecology, larval dispersal, physical/biological interactions
Barry Ruddick, Physical Oceanographer
Interests cover the areas of oceanic mixing processes, internal waves and geophysical flows.
Bart Grasmeijer, Oceanographic Modeller
Researcher and lecturer at the Coastal Research Group of the University of Utrecht. His research focuses on sediment transport and morphological changes of a sandy coast and he is currently involved in the EU-Sandpit project. He gives lectures in Mechanics and in Coastal Modeling.
Bernard Boudreau, Chemical Oceanographer
Interests include: geochemical modelling, diagenesis, bioturbation, bubbles in sediments, benthic boundary layer.
Chris Beaumont, Geological Oceanographer
Interests include geodynamics of orogens.
Christopher Taggart, Fisheries Oceanographer
Involved in active research both in the field and laboratory, focusing on physical, ecological biochemical and genetic influences on early life history and recruitment in fish and on fish population structure and distribution.
Cousteau, Jacques
Biography of Jacques Cousteau by Rachel Sahlman.
Dan Kelley, Physical Oceanographer
Dynamics of transport and mixing process research.
Dr. Lee Lueng Fu, Physical Oceanographer
Dr.Lee Lueng Fu is NASA Project Scientist for the joint U.S./French TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Missions and is the Head of the Ocean Science Research Element of the Division of Earth and Space Sciences of JPL. Research focuses on the dynamics of ocean waves and currents ranging from internal gravity waves (scales of meters to kilometers) to the general circulation of the ocean (scales of hundreds to thousands of kilometers).
Eric M Wilcox, Climate Change Researcher
Doctoral student at University of California, San Diego. Research interests include climate change, cloud-aerosol-climate interactions, tropical convection and precipitation variability.
Francois Lacan, Marine Geochemist
Research interests include geochemistry as applied to matter fluxes and water mass transports in the modern ocean using isotopic tracers.
Jenifer Clark, Satellite Oceanographer
Realtime ocean charts for sailboat racing, boat deliveries, ocean cruising, and offshore fishing. Using infrared imagery, satellite altimetry data, and surface isotherm data, oceanographic analyses are produced and available for the Gulf Stream area and all the major currents of the world.
Jinyu Sheng, Physical Oceanographer
Ocean modeling and prediction and shelf circulation studies.
Jody Klymak, Physical Oceanographer
Jody Klymak is a physical oceanographer interested in small scale physics and its impact on circulation and the transport of tracers in the ocean.
John Cullen, Biological Oceanographer
Interested in phytoplankton processes, optical measurements, ultraviolet radiation.
John T. Austin, Hydrographic Surveyor
Professional hydrographic survey, worldwide, using light transportable equipment. Based in Australia.
Jonathan Grant, Biological Oceanographer
Benthic ecology, shellfish biology, aquaculture
Jose L, Blanco, Physical Oceanographer
Research into environmental changes in the area associated with the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) with particular interest in the latest cold/warm event. Comprehensive publications list.
Keith Louden, Geological Oceanographer
Interests are within the filed of marine geophysics. Publication list.
Keith Thompson, Physical Oceanographer
Ocean and shelf circulation and sea level variation researcher.
Lisa Miller, Chemical Oceanographer
Describes Dr. Miller's work and research interests, including a publication listing.
Marlon Lewis, Biological Oceanographer
Phytoplankton ecology, bio-optical oceanography, upper ocean physics
Mathieu Benoit, Geochemist
A CNRS researcher with interests in: Petrology of mafic and ultramafic rocks, isotopic (Sr, Nd, Pb, Os) and trace element geochemistry; processes of melt extraction, migration and crystallization at Mid-Ocean Ridges or in subduction zones.
Michael Latz, Research Biologist
Marine bioluminescence researcher, Latz Research Laboratory of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Ocean Expert (GLODIR)
OceanExpert (or the Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals)is a database, developed and maintained by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), containing information on individuals involved in all aspects of Marine or Freshwater Research and Management.
On the Shoulders of Giants: Roger Revelle (1909-19
Profile of the oceanographer who went on to become a senior spokesman for science and who was one of the first to recognize the effects of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on the Earth's surface temperature.
Paul Hill, Geological Oceanographer
Interests in sediment transport, includes a publication list.
Prasad, TG. Physical Oceanographer
Studies the physical processes of the upper ocean including air-sea interaction and buoyancy flux and water mass formation at Hokkaido University.
Praveen Veluthedath, Physical Oceanographer
Studying the applications of Weibull distribution model on design wave parameter predictions.
Richard Greatbatch, Physical Oceanographer
Interests within the fields of climate change and ocean/atmosphere circulation.
Robert Moore, Chemical Oceanographer
Marine sources of halocarbons, arctic oceanography
Sam McClatchie, Biological Oceanographer
Currently working with the fisheries acoustics group at NIWA (the National Institute for Water & Atmospheric Research) in Wellington, New Zealand. Profiles previous and current research studies and provides a CV.
Serkan Mahmutoglu, Ocean Engineer and Computer Mod
Information about 2D - hydrodynamic modeling of Hampton Seabrook Estuary, using SMS v7.0 and RMA2v435.
Susana Barbosa, Tidal Modeller
Research into sea level change (as measured by tide gauges and satellite altimetry), includes publication list.
Tony Bowen, Physical Oceanographer
Interests are concerned with the physical oceanography of the coastal and continental shelf regions, nearshore dynamics and sediment transport.
William Miller, Chemical Oceanographer
Research interests include photochemistry, trace element cycles and fluxes.
Women Scientists as Oceanographers
This site is to show the diversity of people who choose science as a career and to provide role models for young girls deciding whether to enter science or not.